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TAYLOR JENSEN Quad Fin Fiberglass FCS Compatible Black Color

Taylor Jensen Quads FCS

The TJ Quads fcs Fins are a great match for any surfer who wants to add drive and speed to their surfing. Whether it's on a longboard, shortboard or mid length this quad set is designed to enhance the speed and flow of your equipment, while still maintaining peak maneuverability in any condition. Get the performance you want and the speed you need.

From TJ

I designed these quads alongside my TJProV model as I was struggling to find any quad sets that gave me the drive I needed but had the release I wanted in my turns. I had sets I loved in my shortboards, but they tended to feel small in boards with a bit more volume. So I set out to find the optimum balance of hold and release in one set of quads. Throughout the R&D process I found that this set of fins works just as well in my 6ft Dominator 2.0 and 7’4” Seaside and Beyond as it does in my longboards. As someone who rides a wide variety of boards its really nice to have one set of quads I can ride in anything.

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