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FUTURES Jack Freestone 3-Fin Fiberglass Large Neutral Template



The Freestone Control fin is a large sized Speed Controlling fin with a Ride Number of 3.3. Jack rides this fin when the conditions are punchy and he needs a little more stability. Controlling speed is the key to survival in heavier surf. They are built from solid fiberglass panels with foils that are precision cut by CNC, then hand finished to perfection.

  • Template Category | Neutral (All-Around, Fluid)
  • Construction | Fiberglass
  • Ride Number | Speed Control – 3.3
  • Size| Large (165 lbs+) 

      Side Fins Center Fin
    Area 15.57 15.57
    Height 4.67 4.67
    Base 4.48 4.48
    Foil FLAT SYMM


$115.00 USD

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