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FUTURES Twin Fin Pyzel Bobcat Fiberglass Neutral Template


Twin / Neutral Template

The Bobcat Twin from Jon Pyzel and Bob Hurley

Jon Pyzel and Bob Hurley are two of the most successful innovators in the sport of surfing. Pyzel has established himself as one of the most trusted surfboard designers, with popular models such as the Ghost and the Paddilac and high-profile team riders like John John Florence.

Meanwhile, Hurley was named one of the 25 Most Powerful People in Surfing after owning the US license for Billabong, starting his own brand called Hurley (which he subsequently sold to Nike), and recently launching IPD (a clothing line that builds on his International Pro Design boards from the 1980s). It's hard to think of two more influential members of the surf industry, so when Pyzel and Hurley team up to create a product, you can be sure that it will be high quality. That鈥檚 exactly what happened with the recent release of their Bobcat Twin fin set.

The fins are intended to be a high-performance twin option built around Bob鈥檚 legendary knowledge of twin fin surfboard design. The template is slightly taller for added drive and control, with a thinned out tip for release off the top. The fiberglass construction adds rigidity and weight, providing that classic twin fin feel, but the modern, high-performance design results in a bit more spice through turns.

The Bobcat Twin is intended for use with modern twin fin boards鈥攆ast, loose, high-octane shortboards that are committed to that true, dedicated twin experience. They also work well with slightly more retro twin fins where you want to add some modern maneuverability to the classic, drivey feel. Generally speaking, these boards will be slightly wider and flatter, with a swallow tail (although round-tail pins have started to become popular over the past few years, especially at down-the-line point breaks and powerful reef breaks such as Sunset).

This fin set is intended for medium to large surfers who love the feel of twins, or twin fin riders who are looking for a bit more grip to tighten up their ride.

  • Template Category - Neutral (all-around | versatile)
  • Construction - Fiberglass
Side Fins
Area 21.73
Height 5.52
Base 4.69
Angle 4.0
Angle 4.0
$115.00 USD

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