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HawaiianSouthShore HATCHET Longboard Single Fin 8.5"-9"/Black

For those who are looking to bridge the gap between a pivot and rake design, a hatchet fin might just be the answer.

Shaped somewhat like a pivot fin that has a chunk cut out of the bottom half of the trailing edge, the hatchet fin maintains its width and stability at the tip, supporting noserides and keeping the board from spinning out in steep, deep pockets. However, the cut-away section at the bottom of the fin reduces surface area and rigidity, allowing the fin to be turned more aggressively. In addition, hatchet fins tend to be oriented in a slightly more drawn-back fashion (although they don’t have the classic “rake” shape). This adds to the maneuverability without sacrificing hold in the pocket.

While pivot fins and rake fins are both specialized designs intended for specific styles of riding, hatchet fins are a compromise between the two and can be thought of as a sort of moderate, utilitarian option for a single-fin longboard. If you want to noseride and turn, and don’t want to have to swap out fins between sessions or overthink what you have under your board, the hatchet fin is the answer. Click here to read more...

    $94.00 USD

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