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HawaiianSouthShore Wetsuit JPN MODEL Womens Small-XLarge Black Color

$230.00 USD
The Hawaiian South Shore JPN Model 100% Made in Japan!

As many of our longtime clients know, we have stocked premium, high-quality StrawHat wetsuits for years. Made from limestone-based neoprene in Japan, these wetsuits are environmentally friendlier than petroleum-based suits, as well as warmer, longer-lasting, thinner, and much softer. The Japanese suits also have added elasticity, which allows them to fit tight on the body without limiting motion, making them extremely comfortable and efficient.

Because we are so impressed by these suits, Hawaiian South Shore has decided to take over the StrawHat line of wetsuits and rebrand it under the HSS logo. The HSS JPN Model of wetsuits will still be made from the same high-quality, limestone-based neoprene in the same factory in Japan. And as an added advantage, the HSS line will come with increased distribution from the factory, which means we will have more stock arriving more often. The suits will also feature a 30-day, money-back guarantee.

One exciting feature of these suits that a lot of people have been raving about is the front-zip. While front-zip suits have been popular in Japan for years, they are only now beginning to catch on here in Hawaii and the US. People have finally come to realize that the front zipper does not impede paddling or bother the surfer at all, due to the way it is integrated into the suit. Furthermore, the front zip makes it easier to put the suit on and take it off, which not only saves you frustration when you are getting ready for a session or showering off after a surf, but also lessens the chance that you will overstretch the suit while pulling it over your head or damage it with your fingers while trying to get it off.

All of these benefits make the new HSS JPN wetsuits your best option for high-quality, premium wetsuits here in Hawaii. These suits have been designed specifically with the temperatures of Hawaii in mind and the perfect choice to keep you warm during those breezy trade wind days in winter.

Product Details:

  • 2 mm Neoprene

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