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KANOA FINS K2D2 by Fins Unlimited


K2D2 is my thruster fin in the line. This fin is solid in all CHOOSE FIN SIZEs, conditions, and breaks!

One of Hawaii’s longboarding legends, Kanoa Dahlin has a range of signature boards and fins based on his timeless style and groundbreaking performances on logs and high-performance longboards.

Produced by Fins Unlimited, the K2D2 is Kanoa’s center fin for thruster setups. The standard CHOOSE FIN SIZE is 4.75 inches, which makes it perfect for surfers who weigh 155 pounds and less.

For larger surfers, or those who want to use a smaller, more aggressive center fin in a 2+1 setup, the K2D2 is also available in a 5.5 inch model. Built out of fiberglass and featuring a screw/plate base for single-fin boxes, this fin works great in all CHOOSE FIN SIZEs and conditions.


$86.00 USD

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