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Fins Unlimited Kanoa Dahlin JR BOY 2+1 Fin 7.0"/White Color

The whole concept behind this fin was to create a fin that was going to loosen up your long board without giving up it’s driving and nose riding capabilities. To achieve this, I reduce the height and base of the original template and then added rake and a thinned out tip. This now compensates for the loss in area, giving the fin the ability to drive and nose ride and yet be looser than the original template.

7.0”- 2 plus 1 longboard 9’6 shorter. Surfer weight: 165lbs or less

8.0”-2 plus 1 longboard 9’4 and up. Surfer weight: 190lbs plus

Also great for all size fun boards.

$100.00 USD

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