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MOSKOVA BOXER M2S Polyamide Medium-Large HI Flower Black



This Moskova monogram Boxer Briefs are 90% polyamide/10% elastane. They feel like silk and have lots of stretches. The multi-panel flat stitched construction keeps you from chafing so it’s perfect for sports. We have many that golf that loves this. You can also use them under your favorite pair of boardshorts..yes no chafing in the water from these. I personally don't wear them in the water but I know of many that do. They use them in and out of the water. Dry fast easy to care for. I’ve been wearing mine for the past 4 years and each pair has been through many cycles of washing and drying. I place my dryer on high and I have no holes or wearing after 4 years. In the 5th year…it starts to show a little wear but other brands that I've had in the past usually only last maybe 2 years and on the 3rd they are looking pretty beat up…hahaha. Enjoy long-lasting underwear that you’ll be stoked on, just like a lot of professional jiu-jitsu and martial artist do.

$42.00 USD

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