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TAYLOR JENSEN Signature Center Longboard Fin Fiberglass 6.0"-8.0"/Red


When it comes to performance longboarding, a good center fin goes a long way toward perfecting your style.

Taylor Jensen’s Signature Center Longboard Fin features a timeless template that facilitates classic performance whether you are perched on the nose, trimming in the pocket, or cranking a turn from the tail.

Taylor used this fin for all three of his world sizes and considers it his go-to for performance longboarding. Available in 6", 6.5", and 7" sizes, this center fin works best with Taylor’s Edge Side Bites. The fin supports speed down the line, big turns, and extended noserides, which is why Taylor has been on this template for years.

“This is my go-to fin for performance longboarding. Designed with speed, power, and flow in mind, the signature template gives you the perfect balance of performance off the tail and hold on the nose. From tip to tail and rail to rail this is a must-have for any performance longboard.” – TJ

$80.00 USD

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