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Takayama HALO Rear Quad Fin 4 3/4" FUTURES Solid White Color


Product Overview

The Takayama Halo longboard fins are a performance fin system designed for longboards and mid-lengths. They are made from ABS plastic and stainless steel, and they feature a unique reversed design that provides improved maneuverability, speed, and durability.

Key Features

  • Reversed design
  • Improved maneuverability
  • Increased speed
  • Durable construction



  • Reversed design: The reversed design of the side fins allows for tighter turns, maintained speed, and smooth transitions. This is because the curved trailing edges of the side fins help to grip the water, while the straight leading edges help to propel the board forward.
  • Improved maneuverability: The improved maneuverability of the Takayama Halo longboard fins makes it easier for surfers to turn and maneuver their boards. This is beneficial for both beginners and experienced surfers, as it allows them to surf more efficiently and have more fun.
  • Increased speed: The combination of lift and thrust provided by the center and side fins helps the board to generate speed and maintain it through turns. This is important for surfers who want to surf in a variety of wave conditions, from small to large waves.
  • Durable construction: The high-quality materials used to construct the Takayama Halo longboard fins make them durable and resistant to dings and breakage. This means that surfers can enjoy their fins for longer without having to worry about them getting damaged.



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$82.00 USD

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