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VEIA DECKPAD John John Florence 3PC Grom Squash Tail Night Red


As a 2 X World Champion, 5 X Triple Crown Winner, Olympic Athlete, Eddie Aikau Champ and professional surfer for over a decade, John John Florence refuses to use any traction pad other than his own design with VEIA Supplies.

The JJF Squash Tail Pro Grom Pad is VEIA's best selling and most dependable Grom traction pad, intended for but not limited to squash tailed surfboards. It's lightweight, yet harnessing power and grip through a PowerPocket arch bar, VEIA venting and weight reduction cutouts, 45 degree to vertical kick pad & more(see features below).


7mm Arch Bar featuring VEIA's PowerPocket.
Ultralite VEIA venting & weight reduction cutouts.
45 degree to vertical kick pad.
Diamond cut pattern on Eco-EVA foam.
3 Piece pad for customized placement.
Recycled Eco-packaging.

$40.00 USD

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