Wetsuits have come a long way in the past 50 years. What started as crude, inflexible iceman suits have evolved into sleek, supple heaters that keep us in the water much longer than we ever could have dreamed. All of the major surf brands make suits now, and boutique brands have sprung up as well, bringing top-end rubber to quality conscious consumers. The Straw Hat brand we carry has a line of wetsuits as well, and it’s one that we are quite proud of, because we understand wetsuit quality, and know a good product when we make one.

The core component of a suit is its rubber, and it stands to reason that the better the rubber is, the better the suit will be. We want a combination of warmth, durability, and flexibility, and the Japanese company that makes suits has been building top quality suits for divers, surfers, and even the Japanese National Defense Force for over 40 years.

The skin of our rubber is slippery smooth, but it stands up to the elements. As a testament to this, some of our past clients are still using suits they bought five years ago, with no signs of cracking or dry rot!

But they weren’t satisfied with only having the best rubber on the market. They added extra design elements like added elasticity for a better fit; silicone rubber under the cuffs to maintain seal and prevent over-stretching (even ith frequent use); and a nylon loop sewn into the zipper to attach to your boardshort string under the suit, to keep it in place.

The result? Wetsuits that are built to last, but provide the warmth and comfort that 21st century surfers demand. If you are looking for the best wetsuits available on the market, these are definitely worth checking out. Straw hats have been a staple of the surf wardrobe since day one, and Straw Hat wetsuits will be keeping us warm well into the future.

To read more, feel free to access it through this link here! It will lead you our Straw Hat brand page! Also, if you can't find your size here, we have also opened our pre-orders up for January 15, 2018! Place your orders here!

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  • Straw Hat Men's 2mm Front Zip Long Sleeve Wetsuit
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  • Straw Hat Men's 2mm Front Zip Vest
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  • Straw Hat Men's 2mm Front Zip Short Sleeve
    • $190.00
  • Straw Hat Men's 2mm Front Zip Short Sleeve Orange Stripe Wetsuit
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  • Straw Hat Ladies 2mm Front Zip Long Sleeve Wetsuit
    • $220.00