For the past 30 years, Matt Biolos has been one of the world’s most respected and influential shapers. Biolos has built his brand …Lost Surfboards into a global powerhouse, but hasn’t forgotten his roots in San Clemente. Biolos got his start making boards for San Clemente/Orange County talents like Chris Ward and Strider Wasilewski, and has gone on to build boards for practically half of the world tour surfers at some point in their careers. But more than anything, it’s been his influence on the everyday surfer that has really changed the sport.

While much of the world was still stuck in the early 1990s super-rockered, super anorexic shortboard, Biolos knew that fuller outlines meant more fun. He was one of the first shapers in the US to add volume measurements to his boards—quite appropriate, since volume has been a key ingredient of his boards for years. While average surfers tried to ride the ultra-thin boards their pro heroes were on (and suffered from an epidemic of bogged rails and a complete lack of speed and drive), Biolos was building shorter, wider, fuller boards with lots of foam—exactly what you need if you want your board to paddle fast and ride even faster. The …Lost film 5'5" x 19 ¼" showed the world exactly what was possible on a stubby little fish, and ended up changing the surfboard industry for the better.

Two decades later, the average modern shortboard has way more foam than it used to, shorter and wider is the new staple, and people are having way more fun—exactly what Biolos wanted to see happen. So it should come as no surprise that two of his boards this year feature full outlines, wide noses, and lots of volume.

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