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Firewire "Great White" Surfboard Review by Kamaki

REVIEW: Firewire Great White Surfboard 

Kamaki recently tried the Firewire Great White, opting for the 5'6 size, and has ridden it both as a twin and as a two plus one setup. He describes the board's performance at Gas Chambers, noting its hold and performance in 3-4 feet waves when used as a twin with Kelly Slater's Endofins. Kamaki also took the board to Sunset on a sizable day, using a two plus one setup, and was pleasantly surprised by its performance and hold in bigger waves.

He discusses the board's EPS construction and its performance in bigger waves, noting that the material's flex and the board's flat front part prevent it from bouncing around too much. Kamaki highlights the board's excellent paddling due to the foam in the middle, providing easy paddling and increased control and hold due to the tail's bite. He describes the board's turning characteristics, emphasizing its controlled turn initiation and the additional push and hold when coming out of a turn, especially when using the two plus one setup.

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