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Firewire GREAT WHITE TWIN (5'6-6'6) FUTURES Ibolic Volcanic Tech


Designed in collaboration with the legendary Kelly Slater, this board promises an thrilling ride that’ll leave you grinning from ear to ear.

A Fusion of Power and Precision

Inspired by the sleek outline of the Great White Shark, the Great White Twin combines power with precision:

Hybrid paddle, shortboard performance

  • Paddles easily like a hybrid but performs powerfully on rails like a shortboard
  • No more compromise between ease of paddling and high performance

Speed in weak waves, control in powerful waves

  • Generates speed even in small surf but maintains control in big waves
  • Adapts to any conditions for optimized performance

Lightning-fast response

  • Tight turns, punchy pockets, and quick wraps
  • Hidden volume and fine rails enable quick reactions
  • Feels like dancing with the ocean

Twin fin magic

  • Combines twin fin speed and thruster responsiveness
  • Glides smoothly yet turns on a dime
  • Elevated tail rocker enhances backhand maneuvers

Constructed with Ibolic Core with Volcanic Lamination

  • 4 oz basalt layers provide a strong backbone
  • High density core enables stability and response
  • E-Glass adds oomph and turbo boost
  • Aerospace composite springer infused with basalt for max propulsion

Made to Conquer the Waves

The Great White Twin allows both seasoned pros and enthusiastic newbies to ride like never before. Surf it at your performance volume or push your limits just slightly more. This board is ready to help you tame the swell!

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Firewire Great White Twin Details...

$1,010.00 USD

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