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Firewire - One of our best selling small wave boards

Firewire - "It's one of our best selling small wave boards"

Firewire- It’s one of our best selling small wave boards

Tomo’s EVO is a modern take on the classic double-ender, with a nearly symmetrical nose and tail. A tweaked-out version of the MPH, the EVO has softer design elements and more curve in the template to make it forgiving and maneuverable in the pocket.

While the EVO also has a wider center point, allowing it to thrive in smaller, more gutless waves, like most Tomo designs, it also does well in overhead surf. The board’s bottom contours are quite unique, with a “double inside single concave into split quad concave” planing hull that gives the board extra lift and speed. Due to the responsive nature of the board, it becomes incredibly maneuverable as soon as it is put on rail.

The EVO is intended to be ridden as small as possible, and is available from 4’8” to 6’4”. Don’t let the short length turn you off— there is a ton of volume packed into these boards, with the 4’8” running nearly 17 liters and the 6’4” topping out at 50 liters! While the EVO is available in all three of Firewire’s proprietary construction styles, we really like the Helium build. The Helium offers the lightest foam in the Firewire arsenal, with new balsa/paulownia rails for flex and rigidity. A new deckskin material has been introduced to supplement the typical expanded lifespan of Firewire boards. All bolstered by the gentle compression below your feet that has been added to give boards that PU feel.