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Firewire Mashup Surfboard Review

Mashup Surfboard Review


Mark Hirokawa ( 5'7", 160 pounds) shares his experience with a surfboard he has been using for about four to five months. He describes the board as super fun, easy to paddle, and turn, and overall, easy to ride. He recommends the board and shares that he's currently using the Color Haze three-fin setup but is interested in trying out a four-fin setup. Mark is 5'7", 160 pounds, and the board's volume is 28.7. 

With extensive experience in the world of surfing, Mark eagerly shares his insights on the exceptional performance of this board. He enthusiastically notes that this particular board surpasses the majority of epoxies available in the market, displaying superior craftsmanship and remarkable durability. Its ability to navigate through the Sleep areas with ease is truly impressive, providing riders with a seamless and enjoyable surfing experience. Although Mark personally prefers to ride it in waves smaller than three feet, he happily acknowledges that his adventurous friends have fearlessly tackled bigger waves on this very board, proving its reliability and adaptability.

If you find yourself yearning for a board that effortlessly combines effortless maneuverability, stability, and a thrilling ride, look no further. Mark's wholehearted recommendation firmly places this board at the top of the list for those seeking an easy and exhilarating surfing adventure.

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