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Firewire Mashup Surfboards

The Mashup board by Rob Machado and Dan Mann 

A hybrid of Rob Machado and Dan Mann’s most popular models (the Seaside and the Spitfire), the Mashup surfboard is the ultimate volume-added groveler.

  • Extra foam means more paddle power and speed down the line, even in the weakest of waves, but the specially designed step-down rails allow for hi-fi ripping in everyday conditions as well.
  • The board blends the speed of the Seaside with the sharp turning radius and vertical capabilities of the Spitfire 
  • Firewire’s high-tech Helium construction for added strength without the added weight. 

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 Firewire Mashup Surfboard rundown

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  • FIREWIRE (5)
  • GROVELER (5)
  • MASHUP (5)
  • 21L - 25L (2)
  • 26L - 30L (4)
  • 31L - 35L (4)
  • 36L - 40L (3)
  • 41L - 45L (3)
  • 46L - 50L (3)
  • 5'0" - 5'11" (5)
  • 6'0" - 6'11" (3)