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Firewire MASHUP (5'2-6'6) Five Fin FUTURES Helium 2 Black Rails


Brand: Firewire
Model: Mashup

Fins: Futures  
Construction: Helium


The Mashup surfboard is a collaborative creation by Rob Machado and Dan Mann, combining elements from their popular Seaside and Spitfire designs. This high-performance board is built in Helium Technology, making it a versatile option for various wave conditions.

Key Features

  • Combination of elements from the Seaside and the Spitfire designs
  • Built in Helium Technology for enhanced performance
  • Ultimate groveler and everyday board


  • Versatility in wave conditions, suitable for weak and good waves
  • Enhanced speed and maneuverability
  • Ultimate board for a wide range of surfing styles and skill levels

Learn more about the Firewire Mashup...

Recommended Fin: TWIN + 2 ENDORFIN

$920.00 USD

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