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Firewire Sweet Potato Surfboard Review by Scott

Sweet Potato Surfboard Review

Firewire Sweet Potato Surfboard Review

Scott reviews his new 5'6 Sweet Potato Volcanic surfboard. He was skeptical that the wide fish shape would turn well but has been blown away by the performance after setting it up per Dan Mann's recommendation with the Kelly Slater twin+1 fins up front and regular large fins in the back. Says the board "turns on a dime" and holds speed through turns extremely well. Scott got the oversized 56 liter (37 inches wide) for small, junky waves but has found it works great in bigger surf up to head high as well.

Notes that despite its longboard appearance which seems like it wouldn't turn over on rail easily, the board flips no problem. With this bigger Sweet Potato he's catching everything like when riding his regular shortboards in the 30-31 liter range. Appreciates Dan Mann's fin setup recommendation that unlocks the true performance in this deceptively maneuverable looking fish. Scott is stoked on the versatility across conditions and surprised agility of his Sweet Potato Volcanic. Says it's "something else" how this wide board can turn.

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