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Hawaiian South Shore February Newsletter

MOGUSA – THE GREAT REMEDY David Kelly | Owner, Hawaiian South Shore When I was a kid growing up in Okinawa, I remember my parents always signed me up for sports. I was one of those kids that could never sit still, and I was always getting into things… so yeah, I was a hyper kid. I played soccer, football and baseball. My father was in the Marine Corps and the coaches were usually Marine Corps grunts (Marine in Infantry), so they didn't put up with any BS. I remember spraining my ankle often and when I did, the coach would tell me to "walk it off, you'll be okay." Usually that worked! It was painful, but it worked… I think. Haha! After the first sprain, it seemed like it would happen more often. I remember one time, I really did a job on it and walking it off didn't do anything. The next night my ankle really swelled up. When my Aunty heard about my ankle from my mom, she took me to Henzai (a small island off of Okinawa) to see my Oba (Grandmother). She told me she'd take care of my ankle. Once we met up with my Oba, she rolled up some type of grass into small marble-sized pieces and then she lit them with a light. As it was burning, she placed them around my ankle. It was painful and just before it burnt out, she rubbed it into my skin. Unsurprisingly, it left a burn mark. I don't remember how long it took to heal, but thanks to my Oba, I have not had a sprained ankle since then. Yeah, I know, what a trip. I've twisted my ankle several times over the years, but it hasn't swollen up like that since. Most of the time, it has recovered in 30 minutes or less. I had no idea what it was at the time, but I recently told my wife this story and she said they used Mogusa (dried Mugwort), which I believe is what my grandmother used, to treat kids that wet their beds. They also use Mugwort for kids that can't sit still or have a low attention span. After telling the story, I got curious and looked up Mugwort. Apparently, it is used for all types of remedies. I was most interested in one remedy called "Dream Pillow." You place a few leaves or incense inside your pillow case, and it's supposed to be a great way to have a restful night sleep. It also increases the chances of having a lucid dream.
Elliot is our February Member of the Month. I met him in the lineup in town. We don't have a picture of him, he is a little shy, so we have a picture this Stewart Redline11 instead! He's a Chiropractor and practices at a place called "Masters Back and Neck Pain Relief Center." His number is 808-591-0099. Just as the name implies, if you're looking for some neck and back relief, give him a call and see how he can help. If you do check him out, let us know. When and what got you into surfing? When my friends and I were in high school, we used to body board more. I guess we just moved to surfing as time went by. It was something fun to do after school. Did you have a time you weren't surfing? If so, when and why did you start back up? I moved to the mainland after high school for 10 years, so I didn't really have a chance to get into the water, or it was too dang cold up there to even think about jumping in. Haha. About a year and a half ago, I wanted to get outdoors more to break up the daily grind and get back into the water. I started SUP surfing with my uncle and a couple friends, then got back into prone surfing. Where is your favorite place to eat after you surf and what is your favorite item? I'll swing by Harry's and pick up the deluxe. Outside of surfing what do you do for fun? I enjoy playing guitar. I used to do 3-5 gigs per week around town and in Waikiki. I recently cut down on the gigs, but I still enjoy picking the guitar up at home and jamming with friends. What do you do for work? Chiropractor. How did you get into your profession? I got injured playing soccer in college my sophomore season. For months, I went through a lot of different therapies that didn't produce many results. Chiropractic was the only thing that helped me. What do you enjoy about what you do? I get to meet all kinds of people from different backgrounds and communities and having the opportunity to help them. Also, working with other health care providers as a team. What board(s) did you get from us recently? Stewart Redline Why did you decide on this model and size? I wanted a longboard that could paddle good, but also be able to turn and maneuver easily. How did it surf and what did you like about it? It surfs great! Paddling and surfing it is way better and easier than my old longboard. What size fins and set up are you using? Have you tried other fins on the board? I've only used 2+1 so far. I tried the stock fins that came with it a couple times, then swapped out to the Halo fins, which work great! Anything else you want to add? You guys are awesome! You helped me and a lot of my friends out with gear and info. Yes, it's a board that paddles big, but surfs small. Our best-selling board for many years! The Stewart Redline 11. This is the perfect board for beginners and advanced surfers alike! It's an easy-turning, wave catching machine!
HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT SUP/ / LONGBOARD CENTER FIN We've been using this longboard fin chart for nearly 20 years now, and it's helped many dial in their fins. When we first started, there was no fin chart like this. As a matter of fact, I don't think there are many out there even today. After we put this fin chart together, we submitted the results to the good folks at Fins Unlimited. A few tweaks and several emails later, the results are what you see here. Just to let you know, Fins Unlimited (aka, Bahne Fins) have been around for over 60 years, so they know a thing or two about fins. We can also thank them for inventing the adjustable fin box, which comes standard on most longboards and SUPs. Anyhow, let's move on to helping you select the right fin for your longboard or SUP.
  #1 Choose a fin setup. There are two basic ways to ride your board: ""Single fin" or "2+1."
  • Single fins are good for small days. And, of course, most classic boards come standard with a single-fin setup. However, the pivots and turns are not as stable compared to a 2+1.
  • 2+1 is the more standard fin set up. It's usually a large center fin with small side fins (aka, side bites). It's stable and easier to generate speed. The turning radius is wider and feels tighter compared to a single-fin setup. Some of the old timers call the side fins training wheels because they stabilize the board.
Once you decide on the fin setup, you'll want to go to step 2. #2 Choose a fin template. Standard Rake Fin These fins are similar in shape to the George Greenough 4A Fin. They have a wide base with a long rake and a pointed tip. You'll get a solid drive down the line, and the turning radius is long and drawn out. Mind you, not all have this small tip. Some are blunt. More rake + smaller tip = More drive and longer drawn out turns. Less rake + blunt tip = Not as much drive and shorter turning radius. Just in case you are not sure what "rake" means, it's the curve of the fin. Cutaway Fins These fins will be more like this Fins Unlimited Kanoa Dahlin Fin. It's cut out just above the base, which is how it gets its name. This fin's turning radius is smaller than a traditional rake fin, and looser, meaning it's not as stable. Most people who get this fin want the hold of the rake, but enough looseness so they can move the board around for rail riding.   Pivot / Noserider Fin Most Pivot Fins are shaped like this CJ Nelson Pivot Fin. Donald Takayama actually designed these fins. It's made to help the board pivot in a small turning radius and keep the board stable while noseriding. You don't get a lot of drive out of the fin, but it's perfect to use for cruising and cross-stepping to the nose.   Finally, we have the Donald Takayama Halo Fin. "Halo" means fin, and no other fin on the market can come close to it. It's a combination of the pivot, rake and cutaway fin all rolled into one fin. It's been our #1 selling fin for over 15 years, with tons of positive reviews. These fins will make your board easier to turn with less effort and more speed. If you're looking for a fin to give your old board new life, I highly recommend this model. For single fins, go up 1/2" to 1" longer. If you want the same stable ride as the fin you're using now and want to try a Halo fin, go up 1/2" for the same stable ride, but easier turning and guaranteed added speed. Notes to consider if you want to try something different:
  • If you want a higher performance style of surfing, like a shortboard:
  • For your center fin, you'll want to go 1/2" to 1" smaller than what is recommend on the chart. You'll also want to pair this with thruster-size side bites.
  • Do not keep the same small side bites that are standard on the longboard, as they will slip, and you'll lose drive.
If you want something really different that's been trending for the past couple years, ride it twin fin style. The board will have more drive, surf rail to rail, and still be loose off the top. For this setup, I recommend going with x-large side fins. You'll also want to go with a center fin that is 1" to 3" smaller than what is recommend on the chart. This setup is good for up to head high waves. You'll be able to whip the board around and have lots of speed down the line.
ANOTHER STOKED CJ NELSON CUSTOMER He surfs CJ Nelson boards in Cali and picked up one when he was here for two weeks. 👍
YEAH, I WAS BEING CHEAP Sometimes, or a lot of times, I will try to find an alternative to the original item that's less expensive. My wife always says, "you know, if you get one the manufactures make it will work and last longer." That's what I found out about buying some cheap ink for our printer on Amazon. After using the ink, I noticed that the documents were coming out almost purple, instead of black. It really didn't matter because it was just documents we used internally, but after about a month of using the ink, we had to print some good quality pictures. The pictures were coming out all funky and then I messed with the settings for about 45 minutes or so and it dawned on me that it may be the ink. I went to Office Max (I liked it when it was Office Depot for some reason, the vibe felt better). Anyway, I purchased the manufactures ink and made the switch. When I pulled the cheap ink cartridges, I noticed it was leaking and that created another issue. Long story short, I should have listened to my wife… darn! Haha! She always says, "Yasumono gai no Zeni ushinai," which directly translates to: "buy cheap things and you lose money" or in English: Penny Wise, Pound Foolish.
The Lisfranc Injury (Kelly Slater's Foot Injury) Spencer Chang, MD | Sports Medicine Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon at Straub Clinic | WSL Orthopaedic Consultant
During a free surf this past July 2017 at Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa, Kelly Slater had a horrific foot injury. Slater said he, "pulled into a barrel… and the whitewash bounced the board back into my foot as I hit the closeout, taking all the pressure into the metatarsals." He folded his right foot backwards in the middle of the foot. To an untrained eye, it may have looked as if he only fractured two bones in the middle of his foot, the 3rd and 4th metatarsal shafts. However, the injury was much worse. It also involved at least the base of the 2nd metatarsal bone, but worse injured the Lisfranc or midfoot joint as well.
The displacement of the 3rd and 4th bones alone would require surgery with an open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) using plates and screws. If those bones were injured alone, Kelly could have potentially been back in 6 – 8 weeks. Instead, he also injured the bones and ligaments involving the 1st and 2nd metatarsocuneiform joints of the Lisfranc joint. Typically, a surgically reconstructed Lisfranc injury takes 5 – 12 months to return to sport. There is a strong ligament connecting the medial cuneiform and 2nd metatarsal base called the Lisfranc ligament. When the Lisfranc ligament and other ligaments of the Lisfranc joint are injured, the bones of this joint become unstable. There are actually multiple joints in the Lisfranc joint, with 5 metatarsal bones, 3 cuneiform bones, and a cuboid bone. This instability, even with just millimeters of displacement, can cause severe pain, and will lead to arthritis and an even more painful foot with deformity, if not treated surgically. When someone injures the middle part of the foot, it is common to brush it off as a bad sprain. However, these are injuries that need a closer look to determine if the ligaments are injured. It is a relatively common, and sometimes career ending injury of the NFL. If there are no obvious fractures, the imaging studies might look normal, unless it is a weight bearing X-ray, CT scan or MRI. Consequently, the Lisfranc sprain/dislocation/subluxation, which is way worse than an isolated metatarsal fracture, is commonly missed. When the injury is missed, it may result in permanent damage to the foot, an inability to return to sport, and eventually lead to a surgical fusion of the bones. In Kelly's situation, he needed an (ORIF) of the Lisfranc joint as well as the 3rd and 4th metatarsals. However, because the plate is used to only temporarily hold the bones of the Lisfranc joint in place while the ligaments heal, it is actually critical to remove the trapezoidal looking plate, so the joint can function properly. I typically take these out at 3 months after surgery. The fact that Kelly was surfing Pipe as well as he did, with this plate still in his foot a little over 4 months after surgery, is nothing short of amazing. You could tell he had a little more difficulty with his toe side turns and pumping, and he was nowhere near 100%, but a 60 – 70%, Kelly Slater is pretty damn good. Can't wait to see how he does after the Lisfranc plate is taken out. The surgeon will likely remove the plates over the 3rd and 4th metatarsals as well, but that is not as critical. Unfortunately, after removing the plate, he'll likely be out of the water for about 4 weeks. Personally, I hope Kelly stays on tour. Best of luck Kelly on your recovery! For an appointment call the Straub Bone and Joint Center at 522-4232. Just say Dave from Hawaiian South Shore sent you! Also, if you have any questions shoot me an e-mail at

Another year has gone by and the Hayden Hypto Krypto was one of the best-selling boards again, for the 5th year in a row. Amazing! Now that the Holy Grail is out and it's a performance version of the board, it'll be interesting to see how it will sell. We went through two batches really fast. The other day when I was surfing, I watched a guy surfing it and he was ripping it up. I guess I'm going to be getting my first Hayden model! The board looks so different. I hesitated on getting it, but after seeing him make sections, no one else was making, it encouraged me to get one. Another 2017 Top Seller was the Lost Quiver Killer. This is actually the second year in a row that this board was one of the top selling boards worldwide. It's a real versatile board. It features a fuller nose to get up on the wave early, it grovels well and surfs awesome in punchy overhead waves. It's a perfect surf trip board. A couple newsletter issues back, our good friend, Dr. Spencer Chang was really liking his board on his surf trip. If you didn't know, Matt Biolos is the person that pretty much came out with the stubby, shorter performance boards. What really got Lost going was a board called the Round Nose Fish that came out 26 years ago. This was before anyone was riding these types of boards. So, you can imagine he's had a lot of time perfecting this stubby performance board. I'm betting that for 2018, the New Psycho Killer is going to be on that best-selling board list. This board is a spin off from the features of the Quiver Killer. He revamped the outline, that now features a refined nose curve and double bump Swallow Tail, for more "pop" in small surf, while retaining hold in solid waves. Plus, he has a new "Hidden Volume," two stage deck line. It packs plenty of foam for paddling, drive and stability, but keeps the rails sensitive and agile for precise rail-based surfing. It comes standard with the R-4 Channels out the tail for some extra drive. We took pre-orders via our website for early birds. If you're interested, give Stef or Brett a call, we ordered a few extras. Yes of course, we only have them in the Carbon Wrap with triple 4oz. on the deck and double 4oz. on the bottom with FCSII. Believe me, FCSII has stepped up their game and I've been using them on my JS Monsta Box and they are good.

One more that made the top 10 is the JS, but you'll be surprised… it's a high performance shortboad – the Monsta 6. Yep, only when everyone is still riding stubby boards, this Monsta 6 tops the list. No wonder Julian Wilson, Joel Parkinson, Owen and Mikey Wright, Ace Buchan, Jeremy Flores and a boat load of others, use the Monsta 6 as their go-to, every day board. According to JS, the "secret of the M6 is in the rocker," which allows the rider to tear the bag out of it and still recover to make the next section. Yes, we carry the JS boards and have access to the warehouse, so if we don't have it in stock, we can get it within usually two weeks.
REVIEWS FROM STOKED PEOPLE! We love getting reviews, if you don't have one that's 5 stars, give us a call or email us, we'll make it right. – David I remember helping Eben. It was her first time at the shop and she was searching for fins for her SUP. After talking to her, I recommended the Takayama Halo Fin. She was skeptical, left and came back about 45 minutes later and picked up a set. A few days later, she gave us an awesome review you can read for yourself. I'm glad she took my advice and believe me, many that give this fin a try with an open mind, love the fin. Eben K. I just bought a new SUP (stand-up paddle board) and decided to check out Hawaiian South Shore for some "not so stock" fins. I had heard that this is the go to place for fin selection on the entire island (surf or SUP). I ended up purchasing the Takayama Halo Fins. I must say that these fins are awesome. My SUPs turning ability was greatly increased with less movement required by me. The store was busy, and there were enough employees working to greet and cater to every customer with the upbeat, old/new school vibe, and of course Aloha. How can you be old and new school at the same time, one might ask???? My suggestion is to just make the short trip into town to check them out. This is a great store, that is run by even better people. Wanda H. Went to purchase a surf hat as an Xmas gift for my son. Sean was extremely patient in helping me, as I was taking pics of all the surf hats & texting to my son. Being that I had to ship it to LA, I didn't want to select something he wouldn't wear. He told me to take my time and was really sincere about it. Upon paying for the hat(s) I remembered I received a discount coupon emailed to me from their company on my birthday. Sean looked it up and said it was expired, although on my email there was no expiration date. He checked with store manager, Brett and he immediately gave his approval to extend the discount on my purchase! Which is why I purchased two hats instead of one! They were all so friendly and welcoming at the store, it was a pleasure shopping there! It's rare these days, even here in Hawaii, to receive such genuine friendly and warm service! Thank you, Brett & Sean! Blythe G. Hawaiian South Shore rocks! They provide excellent customer service, helping you choose the right board that suits your surfing style/ability. I was skeptical about purchasing the Puddle Jumper, as I'm not used to stubby boards with a lot of volume on the nose. However, the board is loose like a shortboard and is easy to catch waves with as well. Big mahalo to David and his staff! :)


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