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Hawaiian South Shore: Honolulu's Premier Surf Boutique Since 1996


It's been nearly three decades, and HAWAIIAN SOUTH SHORE (320 Ward Ave. No. 112) is still going strong. 

The surf shop has been a staple in the neighborhood since 1996, offering high-quality products, expert advice from staff members and caring customer service with a smile. "One of the biggest things that sets us apart is the specialty surf boutique vibe and selection you can't find at other stores," explains manager Sean Steelman, who's been with the company for a decade. "We intentionally avoid stocking mainstream brands and products, instead carrying a unique, carefully vetted assortment that caters to discerning surfers. If we don't use it ourselves out in the lineup, we simply won't carry it." 

Popular items include the made-in-Japan smooth-skin front-zip wetsuit, its brand name hybrid wet rash guard, Firewire surfboards, and Harley Ingleby and CJ Nelson Thunderbolt Tech boards, as well as products from Florence Marine X and Vissla.

In addition, Hawaiian South Shore is the top dealer for FCS and Futures for Hawaii in the state. Anyone interested in learning more can try Hawaiian South Shore's two-fold rental program. Tourists or locals wanting to get back into the water after a hiatus can rent boards daily or weekly to hit the waves without any major commitments to buy. There's also a rental program for committed buyers wanting to try out a board before buying. Up to two days of rental fees goes toward the purchase price of the board you're trying (but only if you buy that board within 30 days). 

Those who have come to know and love Hawaiian South Shore tout the knowledge base of staff members. At the boutique surf shop, expert advice is absolutely paramount. "We go to exhaustive lengths to ensure our team has an encyclopedic knowledge of every product we carry," Steelman adds. "Brand reps give frequent in-depth training sessions that we meticulously record and review, whether it's FCS dialing in the perfect fin setup or Firewire breaking down the nuances of their latest model. This a constant iterative process of continuous education."

The business also has financing options like the Hawaiian South Shore credit card that allows interest-free payments over 12 months. "Moving forward, we rededicate ourselves to being Hawaii's premier surf boutique— a place where expert advice from genuine surf enthusiasts combines with a thoughtfully curated selection of superior goods and apparel. We are stoked to continue serving this community we love so dearly."