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CJ Nelson Sprout 2.0: A Game-Changing Surfboard for All Levels

What's Inside? 

David recently had a Zoom call with legendary surfer CJ Nelson to discuss the highly anticipated Sprout 2.0 surfboard. CJ shares his insights on the design evolution, key features, and construction of this game-changing board. From its rocker and step deck to its tail and rails, we explore what makes the Sprout 2.0 a versatile and performance-oriented surfboard for all levels. Whether you're a seasoned surfer or just starting out, get ready to learn more about this exciting board and what it can do for your surfing experience.

A Brief History of the Sprout

As CJ recalls, the Sprout board has been a staple in the surfing world for over 20 years. It's a testament to CJ's dedication and passion for designing and riding boards that have stood the test of time. While many shapers and models have come and gone, the Sprout has remained a constant, produced in various locations and by different shapers, yet always maintaining its essence.

Sprout 2.0: What's New and What's Changed

While the original Sprout was a faithful replica of the board CJ rode in the movie "The Sprout" , the Sprout 2.0 takes things to a whole new level. CJ and his shaper, Ryan, have been working tirelessly to incorporate the latest design tweaks and innovations, resulting in a board that pushes the boundaries of performance.

The new design features:
  • A more pronounced rocker, similar to the Low Pro rocker
  • A baby step deck in the nose and tail, providing control and flex without being unpredictable
  • A significant amount of tail flip edge, making the board more versatile and performance-oriented

Key Features of the Sprout 2.0

The Sprout 2.0 boasts the following key features:

  • Rocker: Similar to the Low Pro rocker, with a baby step deck in the nose and tail. This rocker provides a smooth transition from nose to tail.
  • Step Deck: A micro step deck that offers control and flex without being unpredictable. This feature allows for a more precise and responsive ride.
  • Tail: A 50/50 tail with a slight edge, making it more versatile and performance-oriented. This tail design enables the board to excel in various surfing conditions.
  • Rails: Down-foiled and performance-valued rails, providing a better grip and more precise control.
  • Parallax Bottom: DNA from the Parallax bottom has been incorporated, offering a user-friendly trim patch and roll. This feature ensures a smooth and predictable ride.

Construction and Flex

The Sprout 2.0 features Thunderbolt Technology, developed by Yu Sumitomo (Yu San). This construction provides:
  • A significant performance advantage (30-20% more than traditional surfboards)
  • Target-weighted consistency across all boards, ensuring that every board has the same flex and weight

    Fins and Recommendations

    CJ recommends using a pivot fin, such as his classic pivot fin or Noserider fin, for optimal performance. The pivot fin provides a more precise and responsive ride, especially in conjunction with the Sprout 2.0's design features.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    CJ addresses common questions about the Sprout 2.0, including:
    • Can you tail surf it? Yes, the Sprout 2.0 is designed to be versatile and can handle tail surfing with ease.
    • Does it turn? Absolutely, the Sprout 2.0 is highly maneuverable and responsive, making it an excellent choice for surfers who want a board that can perform in various conditions.
    The CJ Nelson Sprout 2.0 surfboard is a testament to innovative design and construction. With its versatility, performance capabilities, and user-friendly features, this board is a must-try for surfers of all levels. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the Sprout 2.0 is sure to impress.


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