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Lost California Twin Surfboard Review by Kegan Edward

California Twin Surfboard Review

Lost California Twin Surfboard Review

Kegan Edwards shares his thoughts on the California Twin fish surfboard he recently picked up. As a long time longboarder, Kegan was looking to add a shortboard to his quiver. After taking the Twin out at Kaizer's and Half Point in choppy, windy conditions, he's been thoroughly impressed with its performance and versatility. Initially worried the board may feel too small coming from longboards, Kegan says the Twin's paddling, float and stability have put those concerns to rest.

At 5'9" to 5'10" and around 165-170 lbs, he opted for the 5'0" model with approximately 32-34 liters - a volume that provides plenty of buoyancy and ease getting into waves. Kegan has been surfing it as a twin fin with MR Fins, allowing tight turns when needed but also the ability to draw out big sweeping carves. Despite the smaller size, the board holds remarkably well through turns. Kegan emphasizes how much fun the Twin is and how it exceeded expectations across different conditions.

For longboarders looking to downsize while maintaining that smooth glide, or anyone seeking a lively fish to rip in all types of surf, Kegan highly recommends giving the California Twin a try. Judging by the ear-to-ear grin after his sessions, it's clear why this board has earned a permanent place in his quiver.

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