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...LOST Mark Richards & Matt Biolos CALIFORNIA TWIN Surfboards


The California Twin combines Mark Richards' classic SuperTwin design with modern tweaks by Matt Biolos, featuring a fast paddling reduced entry rocker and wider nose/tail along with a flattened deck for stability.

  • Comes with 3 fin boxes for twin or thruster setup
  • Maintains MR's soft rails and tail rocker for skatey feel
  • Rips head-high waves or grovels slop

Link to watch California Twin reviews...

 Lost California Twin

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  • LOST (6)
  • FISH (6)
  • 26L - 30L (4)
  • 31L - 35L (2)
  • 36L - 40L (1)
  • 5'0" - 5'11" (6)