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NEW Surfboard from ...LOST The Retro Tripper

RETRO TRIPPER FISHLost Retro Tripper New Surfboard at Hawaiian South Shore

Matt Biolos and the crew at …Lost have always loved short, stubby, fish-inspired shapes. In fact, they have two full-length films featuring nothing but fish hybrids: 5'5" x 19 ¼" and 5'5" x 19 ¼" Redux. These films and the performances of the …Lost team on short, fishy boards went a long way toward re-popularizing the fish and hybrid design for modern surfers (in addition to revealing crazy waves such as Skeleton Bay in Namibia).

True to its ethos of constant fun and refinement of board designs, …Lost released a new fish-inspired shape in mid-April 2022. Based on the Retro Ripper design, but shorter and with a fuller, more forward template, the Retro Tripper is intended to serve as a modern alternative to the classic fish shape.


Matt Biolos made the original Retro Tripper Surfboard for himself in preparation for a trip to Salina Cruz in Mexico. He loved it so much he made a second one for a boat trip in the Mentawais, then started shaping them for his team riders to test.

During the STAB Electric Acid board test he made two for Mason and Coco Ho, and they ended up shredding the heck out of them, even in larger, more powerful waves. That was when Matt Biolos knew that the design was legit and needed to be added to the …Lost lineup. 


The Retro Tripper Surfboard features a beaked nose, wide template, low rocker, flat deck, and down rails to increase both paddle and planing speed. The modern bottom contours (rolled vee to mellow single concave to double concave vee through the tail) make the board forgiving and easy to turn from rail to rail, while the winged pintail works well with the board’s twin-fin feel.



The Retro Tripper Surfboard comes stock with a twin + 1 fin setup, allowing for the classic twin-fin experience or a more modern ride with a middle stabilizer. Finally, the classic fiberglass construction features a single-sided opaque lamination, paying tribute to the classic, understated aesthetic of the 1970s. The board comes in a range of sizes from around 5'0" to 6'0", and between 22 and 35 liters.

Coco Ho on #RetroTripper on #ElSalvador