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Model: 鈥ost Retro Tripper. A high-performance fish/hybrid drawing on the Retro Tripper, but with a shorter, more full/forward outline. This board works equally well as a modern fish alternative.

Ability: Beginner through advanced surfers looking for a new take on the classic fish design.

Type of waves: Great for groveling smallish waves, but also works in head-high+ walls with punch.

Fin setup: Twin + 1 FCS聽/ FUTURES

Construction: Standard polyurethane with simple, groovy, 1970s-inspired, single-sided opaque lamination.

Description: A shorter, fuller take on the RetroRipper, the Retro Tripper combines classic lines with performance characteristics, making it a great modern alternative to the fish design. The board works equally well in larger, punchier waves and as a groveler when the surf gets tiny. The beaked nose, winged pintail, low rocker, and down rails provide float and drive for added paddle and down-the-line speed, while the modern bottom contours (rolled vee up front, giving way to a mellow single concave through the middle and double concaved vee through the tail) allow for fast, efficient, rail-to-rail turning. Learn More...

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