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Our Meet and Greet Event Was A Big Hit!



A big THANK YOU goes out to Rainbow Drive-In for all the Ono food they made for our Meet and Greet event last month. We had a lot of local pros show up and the shop was packed the entire time from 3:30 PM to 7:00 PM.

Our Meet and Greet Event Was A Big Hit!


This is the first time in the last 21 years, experiencing something like this. Yu San, the man that is behind the technology for Thunderbolt is a former pro surfer. He’s known CJ Nelson since he was 14 years old. Yu San is all about making boards that surf better and bounces his ideas off of CJ Nelson, Harley Ingleby and Ben Skinner. I watched and listened to these guys for a whole week during our big event and they collaborate well together. They offer each other advice on board designs and performance.

It’s really amazing to see these guys helping each other out and I’m honored to be a part of a company that supports us back. This has been an experience like no other. They shared so much information about what they have going on with their boards and they’re working toward pushing the envelope by using materials that nobody else in the surf industry are using.

A little fun fact to add is that Ben Skinner is a new addition to the Thunderbolt line of boards. Here is a little story about Ben: Honolua Blomfield, from Hawaii was recently in the UK with her father when she ran into Ben Skinner. She was in town for a con-test and he offered her his board. He said ‘ride it and if you like it, use it. If you don’t like it, please give it back.’ Well she fell in love with the board and ended up winning a few contests on it.

Right now, she is #1 in the world, so she has some credibility for sure! During the time they were here during our event, I was able to surf with them and trade out boards. The flex on these boards is really incredible. You can pump them and get a lot of drive. The surfboards are light when you carry them, but they are not corky, so on windy, choppy days, they can handle well. Again, thank you all of you for attending our event, we had a great turnout and we appreciate your support!


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Our Meet and Greet Event Was A Big Hit!


Stoked to meet Jerico of Living808TV!

Our Meet and Greet Event Was A Big Hit!


A few days before the big event we hosted on July 14th with Thunderbolt Technologies, the CEO of FCS stopped by to discuss a few things as we are working really closely with FCS. I had all the pros come in to talk story with us as well. CJ Nelson, Harley Ingleby, Ben Skinner, Ezra Rodriguez, and Mark Nelson (CEO of Thunderbolt) joined us.

During our meet up, Brian Brannon came in to demo a CJ Nelson Sprout model. Brian lives in San Diego, CA and was in Hawaii for training, but had to stop by Hawaiian South Shore because he is pumped about our shop. Brian was the lead singer in JFA (Jodie Foster’s Army), a hardcore punk band, formed in 1981. He has been on the cover of Thrasher magazine two times and used to be a pro skate boarder. When I told the pros who he was, CJ Nelson was the most pumped because he used to listen to JFA when he was younger. Man, it was really cool to see Brian, CJ even got photos with him! 

Our Meet and Greet Event Was A Big Hit!

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