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Talking story with Keoni Watson about Sharkbanz!

Talking story with Keoni Watson about Sharkbanz! 


A fisherman was trolling in MahiMahi and fighting when a big shark came and started attacking. The guy on the board had a Sharkbanz and clipped it on the line. He let it down and when it got to the water, the shark started to take off. That’s all I needed to hear to use Sharkbanz on my right arm, left leg, and right leg. I think I am fully covered! 😄

Here are a few key reasons why it’s the must-have accessory for anyone venturing into the deep blue:

✅ Advanced Shark Deterrence Technology: Sharkbanz utilizes innovative electromagnetic waves to create a powerful deterrent effect, keeping sharks at a safe distance. It’s a non-invasive solution that allows you to explore the ocean with peace of mind.

✅ Tested and Proven: Sharkbanz has undergone rigorous testing by marine biologists and experts, providing evidence of its effectiveness. Countless real-life stories, like Keoni Watson’s thrilling shark encounter, attest to the power of Sharkbanz.

✅ Easy to Use and Lightweight: With its sleek and ergonomic design, Sharkbanz can be effortlessly clipped onto your wrist or ankle. Its lightweight construction ensures maximum comfort, allowing you to focus on enjoying your aquatic adventures.

✅ Environmentally Friendly: We care deeply about preserving marine ecosystems. Sharkbanz is environmentally friendly, leaving no lasting impact on sharks or other sea creatures.