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The Christenson Surfboards

Chris Christenson 

Timeless Surf Craftsmanship: Christenson Surfboards

Chris Christenson Lane Splitter


Introducing Master Surfboard Artisan Chris Christenson

There are a lot of good surfboards made in Southern California. After all, it’s pretty much the center of the entire surf industry and the place where some of the biggest innovations in surfboard design and construction were made. But despite all of the different companies making all of the different boards, if you ask just about anyone in Southern California who makes the prettiest, most classic boards, they’ll all tell you, Chris Christenson.

The Christenson brand has been associated with quality from the day it was founded. From classic, timeless lines to a glassing process that is nothing short of perfection, the Christenson quiver is one that looks as good on the wall as it does in the water.

That all makes perfect sense when you consider Chris Christenson’s love for surfing, surfboards, and everything to do with gliding. A surf and snowboard maniac, he loves nothing more than drawing lines on waves and carving up powder.

His boards and collaborations with some of the best surfers in the world are testament to that, whether it’s Greg Long charging huge Mavs on a big wave gun like the Sicario, Jeremy Jones dropping the gnarliest Alaskan lines on the Stormchaser snowboard, or the everyman surfer having a blast on a classic Christenson fish, these are the boards that make you happy and help you surf better. And when you paddle in and head home, the look beautiful on the rack.

What more could you want?

Chris Christenson

Early Days of Shaping

Chris Christenson has been shaping surfboards since the age of 18. After borrowing some tools from his neighbor who had a backyard surfboard shaping operation, Chris made his first board. His friends and brothers loved it, and soon Chris had started his own full surfboard business while still a teenager.

Chris was mentored by legendary shapers Dick Brewer and Skip Frye, learning the craft of shaping boards with beautiful, classic lines. While Chris can shape shortboards to big wave guns, he is best known for his fish shapes, mid-lengths, twins, and traditional longboards - the kind of boards that epitomize the California surf style.

Artistry Meets Performance

With their flawless glassing and gorgeous finishes, Christenson boards are functional art. The materials and construction live up to their aesthetic beauty too. Chris uses top of the line blanks from Clark Foam and cutting edge techniques like carbon fiber stringers to make boards that are high performance and incredibly durable.

One of his most popular twin fin models is the Lane Splitter. Chris has been shaping this board for over 8 years. With its wide outline, swallow tail, and minimalist design built to last, the Lane Splitter excels in head high surf but can also grovel in small waves or be pushed in double overhead. The newly added belly channels provide enhanced speed and control.

Chris Christenson Ocean Pro Series


The Ocean Pro or OP series exemplifies the high performance aspects of Christenson's shapes. The OP2 is a fast, high performance squash tail, ideal for punchy beach breaks. The OP3 swallow tail shape is a bit more user-friendly while still performing for advanced surfers. With its balanced rocker, it's the easiest board in the series to ride. The OP4 takes on a rounded pin tail with extra rocker for maneuverability.

The construction of the Lane Splitter and OP series utilizes both traditional and modern techniques. Chris uses advanced materials like EPS foam, epoxy resin, and carbon fiber to achieve high performance, while retaining the artistic glassing styles and classic shapes that define his boards.

The Christenson Construction

While vintage in appearance, Christenson Surfboards utilize the latest materials and technology. For example, Chris uses EPS foam rather than traditional polyurethane for the blank. 

Chris also employs carbon fiber and bio-epoxy along with fiberglass for his lamination process. The carbon provides stiffness while the bio-epoxy resins are stronger and better for the environment than traditional polyester resin. Chris has found that epoxy resin also helps the glass adhere to EPS foam better.

So while a board may look retro, its construction is cutting-edge. This blending of past and present enhances the unique surfing experience Chris aims to provide. As he says, "There is a special feeling you get when you ride a Christenson."


Chris Christenson Surfboard on the wave



Timeless Craftsmanship

From big wave chargers to soulful logging, Chris Christenson has decades of experience making boards for all conditions and surfing styles. He is constantly tweaking and refining his designs, ever improving on the classics rather than chasing fleeting trends.

Chris Christenson Shaping a Board



Chris Christenson Surfboards represent the pinnacle of timeless surf craftsmanship. With their flawless craftsmanship and unmatched style, it's no wonder his boards are so sought after. Whether you ride waves for a living or just on weekends, you'll treasure a Christenson Surfboard.



"Get the ultimate surfboard for your surfing needs with the Christenson Surfboards"

Chris Christenson OP1
Chris Christenson Lane Splitter in swallowtail exclusive for Hawaiian South Shore
Chris Christenson OP3


OP 1 Surfboard Features

Model: OP1. Standard high-performance shortboard built for fun+ waves.
Ability: Beginner to advanced surfers looking for something fun for the mid-sized days.
Type of waves: Waist- to head-high waves.
Fin setup: FCS and Future five-fin.
Description: The OP1 (Ocean Pro 1) is Chris Christenson’s go-to high-performance shortboard. It provides progressive maneuverability and forgiving curves and rails, allowing it to excel for any level of surfer in fun+ waves. The soft rounded squash tail provides release through turns, while the fuller template provides a bit of extra volume to help you get through flat spots. Forgiving rails are functional but user-friendly, helping you stay on edge without bogging. Finally, the ability to choose between different fin systems and constructions mean this board is highly customizable.


Lane Splitter in Swallow tail exclusive for Hawaiian South Shore

Model: Lane Splitter. Combination of fish volume with shortboard tail.
Ability: Beginner to advanced surfers looking for something that thrives in anything, from soft walls to tubes.
Type of waves: Waist- to overhead waves.
Fin setup: FCS and Future twin.
Description: The Lane Splitter is a single-winged twin-fin that blends a generous template up front with a drawn in tail in the rear. Originally featuring a rounded squash, the Lane Splitter has been updated for Hawaiian South Shore with an exclusive swallow tail that really emphasizes the twin-fin experience. A healthy concave accentuated by stinger-style wing tips is split down the middle by vee, combining speed down the line with easy rail-to-rail roll. If you are looking for something fun and fast, the Lane Splitter is the call.


OP 3 Surfboard Features:

Model: OP3. Standard high-performance shortboard with swallow-tail flair.
Ability: Beginner to advanced surfers looking for something fun for the mid-sized days.
Type of waves: Waist- to head-high waves.
Fin setup: FCS and Future five-fin.
Description: The OP3 (Ocean Pro 3) is an update to Chris Christenson’s OP1, adding a spicy swallowtail to make the board a bit looser and more versatile. The release of the swallowtail provides a fishier feel, making this board a bit more fun when the waves get weaker and skatier. If the conditions are a bit soft but you still want to shred hard, the OP3 is a great option. You have the ability to choose from different fin systems and construction processes, making the OP3 extremely customizable.