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The Firewire Ibolic Core Technology & Volcanic Lamination Technology

Firewire Surfboards has been a pioneer in the surf industry, continuously pushing the boundaries of surfboard construction with innovative technologies. Among their latest advancements are the Ibolic core technology and Volcanic lamination, both of which have set new standards in the surfboard manufacturing process. 

The Ibolic Core Technology

Firewire Surfboards' I-Bolic core technology is a sophisticated blend of rigidity and dynamic flex, drawing from the best attributes of their previous Linear Flex Technology (LFT) and the popular Helium technology. The I-Bolic core is engineered to provide a solid, reliable feel under the feet, ensuring exceptional resistance to breaking. The integration of high-density foam parabolic rails contributes to the board's ability to flex and snap back during turns, offering surfers a highly responsive ride.

Performance Attributes of I-Bolic Core Technology

  • Stiffness and Flexibility: The I-Bolic core mirrors the stiffness of Firewire's older LFT while infusing the lively flex and rebound characteristics of the widely acclaimed Helium technology. This combination ensures a stable platform with the added benefit of energetic flex during maneuvers.
  • Firmness and Break Strength: The central I-beam construction within the core guarantees a firm stance for the surfer and provides exceptional break strength, making it a robust choice for various surfing conditions.
  • Controlled Flex and Recoil: The high-density foam parabolic rails are designed to manage the board's flex, allowing for a controlled recoil effect that enhances the surfing experience through turns.

Construction Details of I-Bolic Core Technology

  • Core Composition: The core of the I-Bolic technology surfboards is composed of a 1.5 lb EPS foam, reinforced with an 18mm high-density foam stringer. This stringer runs through the core of the board, providing a strong backbone
  • Flex Control: The board's flex is modulated by 16mm high-density foam parabolic rails, while a 5mm high-density foam springer on the bottom adds another layer of control and response
  • Lamination Process: The deck of the I-Bolic surfboards features a 3mm high-density composite skin, which is sandwiched between two layers of 4 oz E fiberglass cloth. The bottom is also protected with a double layer of 4 oz E fiberglass, ensuring durability and a smooth finish.

Lamination Compatibility with I-Bolic Cores

Versatile Pairing: I-Bolic cores are compatible with various lamination processes, including the standard fiberglass lamination, the AWT (Artificial Wave Technology) fiberglass lamination, and the eco-conscious Volcanic lamination. This versatility allows for a range of surfboard constructions to suit different preferences and wave conditions

The Process Behind Volcanic Lamination

The creation of Volcanic lamination begins with the crushing of volcanic rocks, which are then melted at approximately 1,500 degrees Celsius (2,730 degrees Fahrenheit) and extruded into fibers. These fibers are woven into a basalt cloth that is used in the lamination of surfboards. The process of creating this cloth is similar to that of carbon fiber, but it is inherently more sustainable and less harmful to the environment

Performance Advantages

Firewire's Volcanic lamination technology is renowned for its durability and responsive nature. The basalt fibers offer a strength that surpasses traditional carbon fiber and can endure higher temperatures, which is why they are also favored in the aerospace industry for applications such as rocket and jet engine manufacturing. Additionally, the elasticity of basalt fiber allows for increased flex in the surfboard, giving surfers a more natural feel underfoot and a heightened sense of control

Construction Details

The construction of surfboards with Volcanic lamination involves a schedule that includes double 4 oz basalt cloth on the deck and a single 4 oz basalt cloth on the bottom. This method ensures a robust build that can withstand the demands of high-performance surfing while maintaining the board's agility and responsiveness.

Core Compatibility

Volcanic lamination is versatile and can be paired with different core technologies. It is compatible with both I-Bolic cores, which offer the stiffness of Firewire's previous Linear Flex Technology (LFT) with the flex and spring-back of their best-selling Helium technology, and Helium cores. This compatibility allows for a range of surfboard constructions to suit various surfing styles and conditions. 

In summary, Firewire's Volcanic lamination technology represents a significant step forward in surfboard construction. By utilizing basalt fibers, Firewire not only improves the performance and durability of their surfboards but also demonstrates a commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. This technology is a testament to Firewire's dedication to providing surfers with high-quality, innovative, and eco-conscious equipment.

Firewire Surfboards with Ibolic Technology and Volcanic Lamination

Firewire has released surfboards that combine the Ibolic core technology with Volcanic lamination, offering surfers the best of both worlds. These boards are designed to hold volume and rail throughout, accelerate in small waves, and provide a quicker response and stronger durability. They are suitable for a variety of wave conditions and are a versatile choice for surfers looking for high-quality and sustainable surfboard

Firewire Ibolic Volcanic

Featured Surfboards:

  • Cymatic: The Cymatic is a cutting-edge, ultra-high-performance surfboard that combines elements from the Sci-Fi and Omni models, resulting in a versatile and innovative design. This board is known for its exceptional speed, maneuverability, and ease of use in various wave conditions.
  • Sci-Fi 2.0: Versatile and high-performance surfboard that embodies modern planing hull innovations. It is designed to provide exceptional control and performance, making it suitable for a wide range of wave conditions, from small to significantly sized waves.
  • S Boss: The S Boss surfboard is a high-performance surfboard designed for a wide range of surf conditions, from small to big waves. 
  • Great White Twin: Paddles easily like a hybrid but performs powerfully on rails like a shortboard. No more compromise between ease of paddling and high performance

These surfboards are available for purchase at our online and local store in Honolulu Hawaii, and surfers can explore the range of Firewire surfboards featuring Ibolic Volcanic construction to experience the next level of performance on the waves

    Why Ibolic core in Volcanic Lamination?

    The Ibolic Volcanic construction stands out for its ability to offer surfers a unique blend of strength, responsiveness, and sustainability. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, this technology is designed to elevate your surfing experience to new heights.Firewire Cymatic in Ibolic Volcanic

    Key Benefits

    The Firewire Ibolic core in Volcanic construction offers several benefits for surfers, making it a popular choice. Some of the key advantages include:

    1. Lightweight Durability: The volcanic basalt fiber used in the construction provides exceptional strength without adding extra weight to the surfboard.

    2. Responsive Flex: Firewire's proprietary sandwich construction ensures that the board maintains its lively and responsive feel, allowing for dynamic maneuvers on the waves.

    3. Sustainable Innovation: By utilizing volcanic basalt fiber, Firewire is leading the way in sustainable surfboard construction without sacrificing performance.

    Firewire Sci-Fi 2.0 Ibolic Volcanic Tech

    Surfers appreciate the ability of the Firewire surfboards with Ibolic Volcanic  construction to hold volume and rail throughout, accelerate in small waves, and take advantage of reduced length, making them suitable for a variety of wave conditions. This technology also offers quicker response, stronger durability, and enhanced performance advantages, making it a versatile choice for surfers looking for high-quality and sustainable surfboards

    Shop the Collection

    Explore a range of Firewire surfboards featuring Ibolic Volcanic construction and experience the next level of performance on the waves.


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