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The Florence Marine 1.5mm FlatLock Wetsuit Jacket

Are you in search of a wetsuit jacket that combines comfort, durability, and performance? Look no further than the Florence Marine 1.5mm FlatLock Wetsuit Jacket. Designed with the needs of surfers in mind, this premium wetsuit jacket is a game-changer for those who demand the best from their gear. Let's explore the features, benefits, and the company behind this exceptional product.


Unmatched Quality: The Yamamoto Foam Rubber Advantage

The Florence Marine 1.5mm FlatLock Wetsuit Jacket is crafted from 100% Yamamoto foam rubber, a material renowned for its superior stretch and durability. This high-grade rubber ensures that the jacket moves with you, offering a range of motion whether you're paddling out or riding the waves. The ultra-stretchy nature of the Yamamoto foam rubber also means that this jacket can withstand the rigors of frequent use, making it a long-lasting addition to your surf gear.

Engineered for Excellence: Performance Patterning

What sets the Florence Marine wetsuit jacket apart is its performance patterning. This design feature ensures a snug and secure fit, reducing the risk of water flushing that can occur with looser-fitting jackets. The result is a more comfortable experience in the water, allowing you to focus on your performance rather than adjusting your gear.

Comfort Meets Function: Thoughtful Design Elements

The Florence Marine 1.5mm FlatLock Wetsuit Jacket boasts a lower collared design, which not only enhances comfort but also minimizes the chance of water entry. Additionally, the boardshort tie feature is a practical touch that locks down the jacket in heavy water, ensuring it stays in place even during the most intense sessions.聽The jacket's flatlock stitching is another standout feature. This stitching technique lies flat against your skin, preventing the chafing that can often occur during extended periods in the water. It's details like these that demonstrate the thoughtful design process behind the Florence Marine wetsuit jacket.

Style on the Waves: Aesthetic Appeal

Not only is the Florence Marine wetsuit jacket high-performing, but it also has a sleek aesthetic. The burgee heat transfer on the left arm adds a touch of style, making this jacket a fashionable choice for surfers who value both function and form.

The Florence Marine Legacy

Florence Marine is a brand that's synonymous with quality and innovation in the world of water sports. With a commitment to providing surfers with the best possible gear, Florence Marine has become a trusted name on the North Shore and beyond. The company's background is rooted in a deep understanding of the needs of water sports enthusiasts, which is evident in every product they create.


Fit Guide: Find Your Perfect Size

When selecting your Florence Marine 1.5mm FlatLock Wetsuit Jacket, it's important to note that it fits true to typical wetsuit sizes. For those who find themselves between sizes, it's recommended to size down for the best fit. This ensures that the jacket performs as intended, providing a snug yet comfortable fit that enhances your time in the water.

Your Essential Surf Companion

The Florence Marine 1.5mm FlatLock Wetsuit Jacket is more than just a piece of gear; it's an essential companion for any surfer looking to elevate their experience. With its premium materials, performance-oriented design, and stylish appearance, this wetsuit jacket stands out as a top choice for surfers around the globe. Whether you're tackling the waves of the North Shore or exploring your local break, the Florence Marine wetsuit jacket is designed to help you perform at your best.聽Experience the difference for yourself and make the Florence Marine 1.5mm FlatLock Wetsuit Jacket a staple in your surf gear collection.