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The Harley Ingleby Moe Mini in Thunderbolt Red and Black Technology


What is the Harley Ingleby Moe Mini?

The Moe Mini is the latest addition to the Thunderbolt 2024 lineup, offering the same versatile performance and stability that made the MOE mid-length range a bestseller for Hawaiian South Shore in 2022 and 2023.

The Moe Mini is a highly anticipated model, with many surfers eagerly awaiting its release in shorter sizes. This surfboard is designed to provide an easy ride, good paddling, and exceptional stability and support, making it an ideal choice for surfers transitioning from a soft top to a more intermediate board. 

What type of waves is the Moe Mini For?

The Moe Mini's are fun board to ride on small waves, the Moe Mini's unique design allows for seamless rail transitions and tight radius turns on the open face, thanks to its pulled-in outline and shifted volume under the chest. Despite its compact size, the Moe Mini maintains ample paddling power, making it suitable for a wide range of wave conditions, from knee-high to double overhead solid waves.

Harley ingleby surfing the Mini Moe

What inspired Harley to create the smaller version of the Moe Boards?

Harley Ingleby was inspired to create a smaller version of the MOE board after receiving numerous requests from smaller and lighter surfers who wanted a smaller version of the board. Additionally, shortboarders and people who don't need a full seven-foot length board also wanted a more compact version of the MOE board. The Moe Mini is designed to fit in the pocket more easily and provide a more curvy and loose ride.

What is Thunderbolt Red and Black Construction and Who developed it?

The Moe Mini comes in two constructions; the Thunderbolt Red construction and the Thunderbolt Black Construction.

The Thunderbolt Red features an innovative technology that offers a balance between traditional build and advanced performance. Thunderbolt incorporates epoxy resin throughout the build as well for robust durability that also keeps weight down. This strategic blend of fiberglass and epoxy creates a board that is significantly lighter than traditional heavy polyester constructions, while retaining that smooth, flowing glide. The fiberglass build adds crucial strength and rigidity while maintaining an extremely lively, dynamic feel.

The Thunderbolt Black is the most performance-oriented construction, ideal for aggressive riding in competition and seamless, vertical movements in large waves. This construction features 6oz carbon fiber laminate combined with 2oz fiberglass, making it incredibly light, with fast flex and responsiveness throughout the board. From hard rips in large waves to roundhouse cutbacks on full rails and even tube riding, you can draw any maneuver you want.

Thunderbolt Technology is a revolutionary surfboard construction method created by Yu Sumitomo that produces high-performance blanks with customized flex control. The proprietary tech allows for adjustment of internal components to dial in the desired flex characteristics in different parts of the board. Click here to learn more about Thunderbolt Tech. 

Moe Mini is available in New Sizes and Color

The Mini Moe is now available in 2 new sizes:

6'6" in 41L
6'10" in 45L.

These new sizes cater to a wider range of surfers, offering more options for finding the perfect fit. Also the Moe Mini is available in two colors, Candy White in Thunderbolt Red Construction and Grey Carbon in Thunderbolt Black Construction. 

Thunderbolt Black Construction. 

Harley Moe Mini Surfboards
Thunderbolt Red Construction

Harley Mini Moe Surfboards

What fins would best work with the board?

The Moe Mini is only compatible with FCS fins, allowing for easy customization and a wide range of fin options. The board's fin configuration of five fins enables riders to customize their setup, choosing between a thruster or quad configuration, with many preferring the agility and speed of the quad setup. For surfers that are 190lbs and more, the FCS Harley quad set is recommended.  Mini moe compatible with the FCS Fins

What is the difference between the Moe Mini and the regular version of the Moe Boards?

The Moe Mini is essentially a scale down of the MOE board, with the same rocker and template, but it becomes more curvy, making it more responsive and dynamic. The Moe Mini is designed to be more forgiving and easy to ride than the MOE board.

To sum it all up, the Moe Mini is an exciting addition to the Thunderbolt lineup, offering surfers a high-performance, versatile, and easy-to-ride surfboard option in the Moe Mini and Thunderbolt construction. With its innovative design, advanced construction techniques, and new size options, the Moe Mini is sure to appeal to a wide range of surfers looking to elevate their performance and progression in the water.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your surfing with the Moe Mini in Thunderbolt Red Technology and Thunderbolt Black TechnologyClick here to watch reviews from Surfers who tried the Moe.

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