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The Thunderbolt Black Construction

The Surfboard Construction Ideal for Heavy Surfing

Thunderbolt Technology is a surfboard construction that uses advanced materials and technology to reduce weight and improve performance, flexibility, control, and durability. It is the brainchild of Yu Sumitomo and his father, Tamotsu Sumitomo, who developed this innovative surfboard construction method over 40 years ago in Japan. The technology is characterized by its use of advanced materials, such as aerospace-grade carbon fiber, fiberglass, and epoxy resin, which impart exceptional durability, lightweight, and high-performance characteristics to the surfboards. Thunderbolt Technology surfboards come in three different construction types, each with its own unique benefits: Thunderbolt Silver, Thunderbolt Red, and Thunderbolt Black.

TB_BLACK.png (1302×719)

Thunderbolt Black is the most performance-focused construction type that focuses on maximizing the performance of Thunderbolt technology to achieve the aggressive riding required in competition and smooth vertical movement in large waves. Its construction features 6oz carbon fiber laminate combined with 2oz fiberglass, making it incredibly light, with fast flex and responsiveness throughout the board. 

Thunderbolt Black boasts a full carbon layup, making it the quickest, lightest, and strongest construction type within the Thunderbolt lineup. The use of carbon fiber in the exterior lamination results in a board that is stiffer, offering enhanced control, speed, and maneuverability. This construction is well-suited for powerful waves and is a favorite among heavier surfers and those seeking a high-performance, responsive board

Thunderbolt Black Key Features

  • Durability: Like other Thunderbolt constructions, Thunderbolt Black is known for its durability, thanks to its aerospace-grade materials.
  • Lightweight: Thunderbolt Black boards are lightweight, contributing to effortless paddling and smooth trim and glide while surfing.
  • Stiffness and Control: The exterior of Thunderbolt Black is laminated with carbon, making it stiffer and better for controlling speed and holding during powerful maneuvers.
  • This stiffness is particularly beneficial for heavier surfers and those with heavier footwork.
  • Speed and Powerful Waves: Thunderbolt Black is ideal for powerful waves and surfing, as it allows surfers to generate and maintain speed more effectively.

Thunderbolt Black technology offers a lightweight, durable, and high-performance surfboard construction with enhanced stiffness and control, making it suitable for surfers who want to excel in powerful waves and maintain speed during maneuvers


Comparison of Thunderbolt Black and Red Construction

Thunderbolt Black Construction

- Carbon external lamination with a fiberglass internal structure
- Flex structure inside the board
- Stiffness: Very stiff
- Suitable for a wide range of wave conditions

- Performs well in hollow waves

Thunderbolt Red Construction

- Fiberglass external lamination with a carbon internal structure
- Uses the same six-ounce carbon fiber, V, and T for internal structure as the Thunderbolt Black
- Flexibility: Offers more flex and spring compared to the Thunderbolt Black.
- Suitable for a wide range of wave conditions.
- Performs well in smaller waves

The main differences between Thunderbolt Black and Thunderbolt Red are the materials used for the exterior lamination and the characteristics they impart to the surfboards. Thunderbolt Black is stiffer and better for powerful waves, while Thunderbolt Red is more flexible and suitable for weak waves and surfers who want to create speed and flow through their turns. The choice between the two constructions depends on the surfer's preferences and the specific conditions they expect to encounter.

What Surfers Can Expect?

Surfers can expect a game-changing experience when riding Thunderbolt Red and Thunderbolt Black surfboards. Thunderbolt Red offers a more flexible and responsive feel, making it ideal for generating speed and linking turns in weaker waves. On the other hand, Thunderbolt Black provides a stiffer, more controlled ride, catering to powerful waves and the need for enhanced speed and maneuverability. Both constructions are designed to optimize performance in different wave conditions, providing surfers with versatile options to elevate their surfing experience

Harley Ingleby Surfing

Thunderbolt Red and Thunderbolt Black represent a new era in surfboard construction, offering surfers a diverse range of options to suit their riding style and wave conditions. The meticulous craftsmanship and advanced materials used in the creation of these boards underscore the commitment to innovation and performance excellence. Whether navigating smaller, weaker waves or tackling powerful, high-performance surf, Thunderbolt surfboards are poised to deliver an unparalleled riding experience, making them a top choice for surfers seeking the ultimate in board performance and responsiveness.




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