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Futures Fin Alpha Vector 3/2

Speed Generating - Unleashing Performance in Hawaii's Waves 

The re-release of the Future Fins Vector 3/2 in the Alpha construction brings a wave of excitement to Hawaii's surfing community. Originally developed in 2006, this fin setup is engineered to deliver unparalleled performance, making it a must-have for surfers seeking speed, control, and agility in the water.

Futures Vector 3/2


Benefits of the Scimitar Tip 

The Scimitar Tip, with its flattened edge at the fin's trailing end, tightens the turn arc by reducing the template's length.

Scimitar Tip of Future Vector 3/2 Fin

This feature complements the 3/2 foil's lift and speed design, enhancing the feeling of release from turns while maximizing the foil properties throughout the fin's template.

What is a Vector

The Vector is a proprietary Futures foil featuring a concave surface on the inside of the front fins. Specifically in the Vector 3/2, the concave runs from the base to the tip of the fin, increasing water attachment and lift.

What is a 3/2

The 3/2 complements the Vector with an extra 3 degrees of cant and 2 degrees of tow, introducing a twist to the foil for improved planing angles in sharp turns, creating lift and hold deeper into the maneuver.

Vector features 3 degrees cant and 2 degrees of tow

Benefits of Vector 3/2

The Vector 3/2 is a Speed Generating fin, maximizing water attachment over multiple planing surfaces, resulting in lift and reduced drag. The concave surface and twist in the upper half provide a unique grip and projection sensation, delivering fluid speed generation in smaller waves and powerful connection and increased speed in larger surf, resulting in faster and improved turns.


Fin Specifications

 Side Fins Center Fin
Area 15.00 14.50
Height 4.48 4.48
Base 4.63 4.63
Angle 6.5/9.5 0
Foil Vector 3/2 SYMM

Futures Vector 3/2 Fin in Alpha Tech

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