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The Harley Ingleby MOE

Rip and whip with ease on the fast and loose Harley Ingleby Moe 

Perfect for people looking to go shorter but who does not want to lose padding power. Most funboards tend to have lots of volume in the nose forcing you to choke up on the board but they shifted the volume back under the chest making it easier to paddle into the wave. Another advantage to this, when you stand your foot placement is toward the tail making it less likely to shuffle around the board to find the sweet spot.


Model: MOE - A Funboard with lots of volume without sacrificing maneuverability.

Ability: Beginners that are going to go to the next level and want something to grow into — Pro level surfers like Harley and our Hawaii Riders that take this out on small knee to a few feet overhead days.

Wave Size: Good all-around Small to Medium Wave board. (Knee - 3’ overhead) It Handles mush really well and really starts to open up from belly button size waves and up.

Type of Waves: Anything on the South Shore and country up to 3’ overhead. If your normal spot is deep water break or weaker spot maybe get the bigger size for Beginner to Intermediate surfers. Foam is your friend. The board is light enough that even the bigger size is still easy to maneuver

Fin Setup: 7’2 , FCS 5 fin. 8’0" 4+1

Construction: Thunderbolt Xeon (TB Red) - Light but not corky and durable. TB was designed and test for years for pure performance. Designed Flex and Twist. The Flex loads and project. The Twits, to bend and fit the curve of the wave when on the rail.

Size range: (7'2" to 8'0")

7'2" X 22 X 2 13/16 V49.4L
7'4" X 22 1/2 X 2 7/8 V52.9L
8'0" X 22 5/8 X 3 1/16 V61.2L


Unleash Your Potential on the Harley Ingleby Moe

Released in 2022, the Harley Ingleby Moe has quickly become a favorite among intermediates and advancing beginners looking to boost their progression. This high-performance funboard blends stability, speed, and maneuverability for improved surfing at all levels.

Constructed with Thunderbolt Red, the Moe allows velocity while maintaining control. The pulled-in outline shifts volume under the chest for paddling power, while the wide tail outline gives a smooth rail-to-rail transitions. This combination of design elements makes the Moe one of the most responsive and dynamic funboards on the market.

In this in-depth review, we’ll break down exactly why the Harley Ingleby Moe deserves a spot in your quiver. From construction to sizing to performance, we’ll cover everything you need to know about this board that helps surfers progress faster.

Harley Ingleby Moe Surfboard


Moe Construction: Built for Performance

Every design feature of the Moe focuses on optimizing performance and progression. It starts with the construction. Harley Ingleby teamed up with Marko Foam to develop Thunderbolt Red, an ultra lightweight EPS designed specifically for the Moe. 20% lighter than standard EPS, Thunderbolt Red minimizes swing weight while providing a lively pattern.

The wood stringer running through the core adds strength and response without limiting flex. It works in harmony with the pulled-in rails and foiled outline to generate speed. On the Moe, every element serves a purpose in creating a fast, dynamic ride.

This innovative construction translates directly into greater maneuverability for surfers. Thunderbolt Red readily transfers energy from your feet to the rail, making the board come alive. The Moe feels solid underfoot when driving through turns, yet springs back with speed for transitional surfing. You’ll notice the difference from your very first wave.

Dialed Dimensions for All Conditions

Finding the right size is crucial for surfboards, and even more so for progression-focused models like the Moe. Luckily, Harley Ingleby offers the board in a range of lengths from 7’2” to 8’0”, allowing you to size it precisely for your abilities and local surf.

The width sits around 22”- 22 1⁄2” throughout the range, providing a stable platform while avoiding excess bulk. However, the key dimensions that change with length are thickness and volume. At 7’2”, the Moe comes in at a slim 2 13/16” thickness and 49.4 liters volume. Moving up to the 8’0”, it widens to 3 1/6” and 60 liters.

For small summer surf, consider sizing down and opting for the 7’2” or 7’4”. The reduced thickness will make it easier to sink rail, and the low volume forces you to surf more precisely. When the swells pick up, choose the additional float of the  8’0” to help negotiate steeper drops.

The Moe sizing options allow you to fine tune the board’s performance for everything from gutless on shores to punchy peaks. Having the right size for your weight and ability will be the key to unlocking this board’s full potential.

Harley Ingleby Surfing the Moe

Versatile Performance That Boosts Progression

Once you’re on the wave, everything about the Moe comes together to elevate your surfing. The wide point is shifted back from a traditional funboard, positioning your feet closer to the tail when popping up. This makes rail transitions seamless and creates tight radius turns on the open face.

Despite the pulled-in design, the Moe still packs plenty of volume up front for paddling. The foam under the chest provides the stability needed for beginners, while the reduced swing weight benefits experienced surfers. You get the best of both worlds.

The Thunderbolt Red transfers energy directly to the rail, allowing you to translate thoughts into turns. If you see an open face for a hit or pocket to carve, the Moe responds instantly to make it happen.

Maneuvering at will is what makes the Moe so addictively fun. The construction allows tight radius turns even in weak waves, so you spend more time surfing and less time struggling to generate speed. You’ll find it nearly impossible to resist linking snaps and cutbacks all over the wave.

The Moe just wants to turn,” says Surf Simply coaching director Will Henry. “Harley has created a board that you can really flow with. It’s so dynamic that you end up trying maneuvers beyond your normal abilities.”

This freedom of movement will fast track your progression as you access new areas of the wave face. The stability provides a safety net while the responsiveness opens up new possibilities. You’ll soon be linking wraps, floating 360s, and hitting sections you never could before.


Ideal Fins for Tuning Performance

To complement its versatility, the Moe utilizes both thruster and quad fin setups depending on model length. The 7’2” to 7’4” come equipped with FCS II Performance quads and Harley Ingleby Quads. This configuration enhances speed generation and snap off the tail while still allowing drawn-out turns.

Once you step up to 8’0”, the board switches to a thruster format. This setup brings in more pivot and fluidity, creating a looser feel for intermediate riders looking to carve. The thruster also improves control in hollower waves compared to the quad.

While the stock fins provide a balanced experience for most conditions, you can further fine tune the Moe by experimenting with aftermarket options. By testing different fin configurations, you can customize the board’s turning tendencies and find the right feel. Don’t be afraid to tweak setups for different conditions and as your skills progress. The right fins will optimize the Moe’s performance and highlight its capabilities.

Experience Versatile Progression Yourself

If you’re looking to take your surfing to the next level, the Harley Ingleby Moe delivers. Blending a lively responsive feel with ample stability, this board allows intermediates to advance faster. You’ll unlock the ability to link maneuvers across more of the wave face and access new areas of potential.

Stop wrestling your board and start progressing with power on the dynamic Harley Ingleby Moe. Dial in your ideal size and fin setup, then get ready for this board to bring out your best!


Stay tuned on our YouTube channel @hawaiiansouthshore for exclusive Harley Moe reviews 


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