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The Innovative Thunderbolt Red Construction

Lightweight and More Flex 

Balanced Performance

The Thunderbolt Red offers the ideal balance between traditional build and advanced performance. 

Specifically, the Thunderbolt Red features a 6 ounce fiberglass cloth combined with a 4 ounce fiberglass layer on the deck. The double-layer lamination provides the optimal flex pattern and responsiveness. On the bottom of the board, the Red uses a 6 ounce cloth paired with 2 ounces of fiberglass for impact resistance and liveliness.

The fiberglass build adds crucial strength and rigidity while maintaining an extremely lively, dynamic feel.

The Thunderbolt Red feels very lively under the feet, flexing and projecting you out of turns when you're pumping. Since it flexes, you're able to pick up a lot more speed faster. It also has torsional flex so when you're pumping down the line, it feels really lively under your feet. Even after several years of using the board, it feels just as good as the first day you bought it thanks to the durable yet flexible fiberglass construction.

Thunderbolt incorporates epoxy resin throughout the build as well for robust durability that also keeps weight down. This strategic blend of fiberglass and epoxy creates a board that is significantly lighter than traditional heavy polyester constructions, while retaining that smooth, flowing glide.

However, the Thunderbolt Red gives up none of that quintessential smooth, flowing glide that longboarders love. It retains just the right amount of mass to make every wave a joy, without compromising high-performance abilities. The Red construction really provides the best of both worlds - classic smoothness meets space age speed and response.

Thunderbolt-Red-Technology.jpg (1000×540)



The Thunderbolt Red surfboard construction by Firewire brings together high-tech performance and eco-friendly build. Let's break down what makes these boards so advanced yet sustainable.

  • EPS Foam Core - At the heart of every Thunderbolt Red board is a hand-shaped core made from EPS foam. This lightweight foam can be strategically shaped to control flex. Carbon fiber rods called stringers are added to the core to make it even stronger and snappier.
  • Fiberglass Shell- The EPS foam core is wrapped in a fiberglass shell. This protects the core but also improves performance. Additional fiberglass is layered on top to maximize maneuverability. This allows you to make tight turns with less effort.
  • High-Tech Construction- Thunderbolt Red combines cutting-edge performance technology with the smooth ride of classic fiberglass boards. You get the lively feel and precision of advanced composites like carbon fiber along with the flowing flex of fiberglass.
  • Light yet Strong- The end result is a board that is very lightweight yet still extremely durable. The EPS and carbon fiber provide strength without excessive weight. This makes the board nimble and fast on the waves.
  • Eco-Friendly- On top of high performance, Thunderbolt Red boards are built from recycled and eco-friendly materials. Manufacturing is powered by renewable energy. So you can feel good about the low environmental impact. 

With Thunderbolt Red construction, high-tech yet sustainable surfboards were created. Turns and speed with less effort combined with classic smooth style.

How does the board flex in this construction? 

The Thunderbolt Red construction is designed to provide a balanced level of flex that enhances the performance of the surfboard without having too much flex. The construction features a combination of fiberglass layers that offer optimal flex patterns and responsiveness. Specifically, the Thunderbolt Red uses a 6-ounce fiberglass cloth combined with a 4-ounce layer on the deck, and a 6-ounce cloth paired with 2 ounces of fiberglass on the bottom for impact resistance and liveliness. 

This construction adds strength and rigidity while maintaining a dynamic feel, and it is not described as having excessive flex. In comparison to other Thunderbolt technologies, the Thunderbolt Red boards are said to have more flex than the Thunderbolt Black but still use the same AVT flex components to create pivot points and store energy generated during turns. The Thunderbolt Silver surfboards are traditionally suited to smaller waves and are shaped in log-style shapes, incorporating AVT flex and a combination of carbon fiber and fiberglass


What type of waves is the thunderbolt Red good for?

Thunderbolt Red construction surfboards excel in a wide range of everyday wave conditions, from small, knee-high waves to slightly overhead waves. This versatility is due to their balanced performance characteristics, which combine traditional build qualities with advanced performance features. The construction is particularly noted for its ability to perform well in sub-par surf, enabling surfers to drive and turn the board hard, and even go to the nose in really small waves.

It also allows for trimming and gliding in small surf conditions, making it an excellent choice for longboarding in typical conditions that most surfers encounter.
In essence, Thunderbolt Red surfboards are designed to be highly maneuverable and capable of creating speed, making them suitable for a broad spectrum of wave sizes and conditions that range from knee-high to overhead waves



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