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What is RSC?

What is RSC? 

Real Sun Cover best Sunscreen Hawaiian South Shore

Real Suncover Sunscreen is an organic sunscreen that is made in the USA. It uses simple ingredients that you can pronounce and understand, not harmful chemicals that are toxic for your skin and the coral.

Real Suncover Sunscreen sits on top of the skin rather than absorbing into it and uses organic zinc oxide as its base. It blocks both UVA and UVB rays, is fragrance-free and safe for babies, and is of course reef safe, meaning that you will be able to use it once Hawaii’s sunscreen ban law goes into effect.

For those of us looking to save our skin while conforming with the new law, Real Suncover Sunscreen just might be the answer! We use our products, and we only bring in products we believe in. When we get reviews from customers it assures what we be-lieve in. Also, it lets our members know how great the products really are. Thank you for the constant reviews, we always appreciate the support. If you like a product from our store, please send us a review!

I have been using RSC for over 2 years now, works great, better than many others I had been using. I don’t burn like I used to and it’s organic, doesn’t sting if it gets in your eyes. Remember to shake the tube before applying and re-apply after 2 hours. Mahalo!” - David L. Honolulu

“I’ve been using another popular product for a few years even before I was surfing. I used it frequently when I went to the beach with my friends but always had eye irritation. I thought the price was reasonable, so I kept using it until I met Brett and Dave from Hawaiian South Shore. They introduced 100% natural sunscreen that protects both your skin and the ocean. I was reluctant to purchase it right away because of the price and the size of the sunscreen (small). After I began surfing, I needed a type of sunscreen that couldn’t wash off easily. So, I decided to give it a try. After two months of usage, I regret not buying this product earlier. Even with a small amount of either stick or creme type, it’s good enough for you to stay out in the water for 2-3 hours. The best thing about this sunscreen is that you will NOT get an eye irritation. This just tells me that this sunscreen is 100% natural and a trustworthy product. I’ve been recommending this product to my friends from S. Korea when they visit me, and they love it too. It’s very portable and easy to use. One thing though, I use a makeup removal oil to remove the sunscreen off my face completely. I definitely recommend this sunscreen to anyone whether you surf or not, because this product protects not only your skin but also our environment.” - David C. (our new member that recently moved into the neigh-borhood)


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