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Newspaper - Real Sun Cover!

Real Sun Cover Featured on Honolulu Star-Advertiser Newspaper

Super stoked to see the  All Natural SunScreen Real Sun Cover  was featured in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser. Just before this feature in the newspaper the scientists at USGS and Bigelow Laboratories sent us an email I pasted at the bottom. Thank you very much everyone for the support, super stoked we able to give quality products that work. The reviews are what lets us know we are doing it right. We truly appreciate it.


all-antural-sunscreen Honolulu Star-Advertiser featured in the Today Section



Just a quick e-mail to once again say "Thank you for supporting the scientists at USGS and Bigelow Laboratories by providing reef safe sunblock!".  A lot of people benefited from your generous donation!  There was a sailboat that arrived at Palmyra.  I ended up giving one of the sailors (Sam, owner of Sam's Kitchen in Waikiki) one of the sunscreens for his 9 day sail back to Honolulu. He has a TV show and said that he would stop by Hawaiian South Shore and highlight your's been a while I guess.
Renee applying RSC
Everyone that I worked with ended up using the Real Sun Cover daily.  It worked really well, not one of us ended up getting burnt.  I was also pleasantly surprised that it did not clog my pores.  I'm really glad you gave me all four because I was able to get a real appreciation for all of them.  It seemed everyone liked using the sticks the best.  We were diving everyday, we are all super excited that it didn't run into your eyes at all and even stayed on in between dives (impressive).  The consistency was nice and it was easy to apply.  I was worried about the cardboard holding up in such a wet environment so I kept them in a water tight bag, that seemed to do the trick for the most part.  The one with the cocoa was a favorite, I had lots of requests for that one (especially to apply on the lips).  The only one that people didn't seem to like was the liquid one with a tint, it was a bit of mess on a white boat.
The research went well!  The plan is to go back again next year and do it all again.  The Real Sun Cover sticks will most definitely be on our supply list for next year.

Definitely we are stoked the sunscreen is working and people are happy.
- David