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Weekly Surfing Update (July 1- July 9 2021): Celebrated Fourth of July With a World Full of Swell

🎉Celebrated Fourth of July With a World Full of Swell🎉

As we celebrated Independence Day here in the US, the Southern Hemisphere celebrated with us, serving up pumping surf in numerous regions during the July 4 weekend.


📷 @keana.rivet

Things got started in Tahiti late last week, when Teahupoo turned on in a big way with one of the most hyped swells of the season. This one was forecasted weeks ago, and according to sources on the ground it ended up delivering the size we’d been expecting—although video has yet to start trickling out. And Teahupoo isn’t done, as a second and potentially even bigger swell is stacking up for the middle of the month as well.

Of course, whenever Teahupoo fires, Oahu gets swell a few days later, and that’s exactly what happened this holiday weekend. Long-period forerunners started filling in on the 4th, with the swell peaking on the 5th and still pumping on the 6th. This was the biggest south swell of the summer so far, with reports of 6-foot+ at swell magnets and Big Bowl turning on for a heavy crowd of Ala Moana regulars. We typically only get one or two swells this size each season, and the fact that it hit during a holiday weekend was a bonus for all the guys and girls who often have to miss swells for work.


At the same time that Town was turning on, Australia was also firing, with what locals are calling one of the best days at Kirra in years. Actuall