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California Twin Pin Surfboards

The California Twin Pin is a collaboration between Mark Richards and Matt Biolos, who have created a modern version of the classic twin fin plus trailer fish board. This board is versatile and fun, offering speed, maneuverability, and performance in a range of conditions. Whether you are an intermediate or advanced surfer, you will enjoy the smooth ride and the lively feel of this board. Learn more...

  • A twin fin plus trailer setup that can be adjusted to your preference
  • A low entry rocker and slightly more volume for easy wave catching
  • A performance tail rocker and well-placed curves for tight turns
  • A black sheep construction that is durable and lightweight

We do custom orders. Email Us or Text Us, we can get you dialed in.  

  • LOST (2)
  • FISH (2)
  • 26L - 30L (2)
  • 5'0" - 5'11" (2)