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Lost Hydra in C4 Construction

 When it comes to surfboards built specifically for groveling, no one does it better than Matt Biolos and the team at …Lost.

The Hydra is a classic example of Mayhem’s mastery, blending elements of the Puddle Jumper, Bottom Feeder, RNF Retro, and Pelagic to create the ultimate small-wave machine. With an ultra-low rocker and variation on the traditional fish shape, the board maximizes wave energy even when there isn’t much to be found, giving it incredible speed and down-the-line drive. 

A snowboard-inspired sidecut in the rails locks into the wave face, providing more hold through carves and tightening turn radius while optimizing control and speed. Meanwhile, the unique “Hydra Hull” bottom contour allows the board to enjoy even more speed, but also be able to turn rail to rail, despite the fact that it is quite wide and has a large planing surface.

Finally, the split diamond tail combines a swallowtail and a diamond tail, giving you the best of both worlds, shortening the rail line, and providing more aggressive, radical performance to the wind tail. 

Built with …Lost’s C4 technology, the Hydra Hull leverages a carbon cork capped composite construction. The cork is a natural and renewable material that provides durable, lightweight performance.

The C4 construction starts with a 1.5-pound EPS foam core and caps with a 1.5-mm layer of cork on the deck, sandwiched between various layers of fiberglass. Fused carbon reinforcement stringers provide added strength and flex characteristics, creating a truly unique and high-tech construction process that is good for the environment and your surfing. When combined with the Hydra shape, this results in a durable, long-lasting small wave shred stick with tons of pop and liveliness to get you moving on the smallest of days.

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