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Harley Ingleby G6 Surfboards

The G6 Surfboard by Harley Ingleby

"Good Wave, 6 Channel Longboard"

The G6 is not just any surfboard; it's an acceleration machine, thanks to the addition of 6 channels that enhance its speed and grip on the water. Whether the surf is too intense for your everyday longboard or you're looking to dominate in the pocket, the HI G6 has got you covered, ensuring stability and control in challenging conditions.

Harley Ingleby G6 Surfboard Key Features

  • Designed for Good Surf: Optimal for chest high and above waves.
  • Unique Continual Rocker: Features a straighter tail and an extended nose lift for enhanced performance.
  • Acceleration Machine: Equipped with 6 channels for increased speed and control.
  • Ideal for Intense Surf: Provides control in the pocket when the surf is too challenging for a regular longboard.
  • G6 (3)
  • 61L - 65L (3)
  • 9'0" - 9'11" (3)