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Taylor Jensen SPECIAL T Surfboards

SPECIAL T Longboard by Taylor Jensen and Dan Mann

The Taylor Jensen Special T longboard is a noserider designed for easy pivoting and tipping in small surf. Shaped by Dan Mann, it features exaggerated flipped-up tail rocker, rails pushed back 50/50 with extra edge by the fins, and a scooped nose concave for lifting into noserides.

  • The single fin setup drives off the tail while the pulled-in nose reduces swing weight, creating a lively board that excels at walking forward and tipping with control.
  • Constructed with lightweight yet durable Thunderbolt Red construction, the Special T brings high-performance maneuverability to classic noseriding.

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  • SPECIAL T (1)
  • 71L - 75L (1)
  • 76L - 80L (1)
  • 9'0" - 9'11" (1)