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Taylor Jensen TJ PRO Surfboards

Taylor Jensen Breaks Down His TJ Pro Model in Thunderbolt Technology 

TJ Pro is Taylor’s go-to competition board, and comes in a stock size of 9'0". Throughout his career, he has competed on his signature model, the TJ Pro shaped by Dan Mann, which is available in Firewire Timbertek, and will be available in Thundberbolt Black. 

  • Regardless of the materials used in the layup, the TJ Pro comes with a stock design and dimensions that offer consistent performance.
  • The Thunderbolt versions of the board have one liter more volume than the Timbertek version

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  • FIREWIRE (2)
  • TJ PRO (2)
  • 56L - 60L (2)
  • 9'0" - 9'11" (2)