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Taylor Jensen’s TJ Pro—The Preferred Board of a Three-Time World Champ

Taylor Jensen’s TJ Pro

Good surfers win the contest, but good boards help—and Taylor Jensen’s TJ Pro has helped him collect three longboard world titles. Designed with shaper Dan Mann, the TJ Pro is Taylor’s go-to competition board, and comes in a stock size of 9'0". Originally available in Firewire Timbertek, the TJ Pro will also be available in Thunderbolt Black (carbon fiber) and Thunderbolt Red (Xeon fiberglass) starting in April. The Thunderbolt Red provides a bit more flexibility and responsiveness, whereas the Thunderbolt Black is stiffer and provides more control in larger, more powerful waves.

Regardless of the materials used in the layup, the TJ Pro comes with a stock design and dimensions that offer consistent performance. The Thunderbolt versions of the board have one liter more volume than the Timbertek version, but otherwise, they are all exactly the same, with a single concave running from the nose through the center of the board, then blending into a double concave and eventually a bit of vee out the tail. This smooth combination of contours allows for flowing transitions between turns, while still supporting traditional surfing from the nose and high-performance ripping from the tail. The board’s fin setup is a 2+1, with the center fin providing control without sacrificing drive and maneuverability, which are facilitated by the side fins.

The TJ pro comes in stock dimensions of 9'0" x 22 1/8" x 2 5/8", with a volume of 61 liters.