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Tudor Surfboards MODEL T 9'4 Single Fin Green Clear Top


Brand: Tudor Surfboards
Model: Model T
Fins: Single Fin
Size: 9'4

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Product Overview

The Joel Tudor Model T is a modern take on the classic longboard, designed for surfers who want a board that is both fun and performance-oriented. The board features a single concave hull that provides good control and maneuverability, while the swallow tail gives it plenty of drive and speed. The Model T is also made from high-quality materials, including EPS foam and Epoxy resin, making it durable and easy to paddle

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JOEL TUDOR/MODEL T/9’6/Single Fin/Royal Blue/Red Yellow

Key Features

  • Tail kick and concave under the nose
  • Pinched rails and belly in the tail
  •  Lighter weight construction
  • Vintage design and color scheme


  • These features help the board to lock in and stay stable on the nose, allowing you to enjoy long and graceful noserides.
  • These features give the board a smooth and flowing feel, as well as some maneuverability and control in turns.
  • This feature makes the board more responsive and agile in the Hawaiian waves, compared to the heavier Volan glassing that is used for the California waves.
  • This feature gives the board a beautiful and nostalgic look, with a white deck, a yellow bottom, a black tail block, and red and black pinlines. The logo of Joel Tudor Surfboards is also displayed on the nose and tail of the board.


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$1,830.00 USD

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