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Hawaiian South Shore March Newsletter

WHAT...? I DON'T UNDERSTAND? David Kelly | Owner, Hawaiian South Shore

Back in 1990 or so, I was in the Navy. I remember when I first came to Hawaii, a lot of places reminded me of Okinawa, especially around Tantalus area and certain parts of Kaimuki.

I went out to dinner with some friends after being here for about six months or so, I remember the place was called the Chuck Wagon or something like that, on Kapiolani. I think it was near McKinley Car Wash. I remember I had to make a phone call, and of course, in those days there weren’t any cell phones. I went downstairs to use the pay phone and punched in the number to my parents. After I was done, a local guy asked me something, but I didn’t understand what he was saying. He repeated it five or six times, and then he asked me where I was from.

I went back upstairs and told my friend what had happened, but to be honest, I didn’t know what the word was that the guy had said. Well, the guy on the phone happened to pass our table, so I stopped him and asked him what he’d said. He said, “I asked if you were “pau.” The local people that I was with were laughing, and of course, now I know what it means. But it took me a while to really understand what people were saying here in Hawaii.

I remember another time when I was at a store, I think it was 7-11, or maybe Longs. I saw a guy who looked totally Japanese, and I started speaking Japanese to him. He looked at me with a blank face, and I realized that Hawaii was a totally different place from where I grew up. In Okinawa, most of the guys could speak English and Japanese, and even the older Okinawans that worked on base and in construction all spoke English. I guess Okinawa had a strong American influence, so a lot of the locals learned to adapt to the imported language.

Well, that was quite a few years ago, and of course, now I totally understand what everybody’s saying…LOL!


When and what got you into surfing?

I first started surfing in Miami, Florida around the age of 14. My older cousin Howie gave me one of his old surfboards, a McCoy.

Did you have a time you weren’t surfing?

When I was 20, I spent a year in Steamboat Springs Colorado for a snowboard season.

Where is your favorite place to eat after you surf and what is your favorite item?

My favorite place was Luis Bueno—their Ahi burrito was awesome, but I think it just closed down.

Outside of surfing what do you do for fun?

I enjoy hiking with my dog and going to the gym.

What do you do for work?

I am a small business owner of a company called Aloha Jet Ski.

What board did you get from us recently?

Recently, I went into Hawaiian South Shore looking to order a 6’1 Puddle Jumper RP. After speaking with the Dave, the owner, who was very knowledgeable about how much volume the board could carry, I went ahead and followed his suggestion that I get the 6’0 they had in stock. Well, he was 100 percent correct and the 6’0 was perfect; the board felt great on my first wave.

How did it surf and what did you like about it?

This board is amazing, it’s super light, fast, and holds the rail. Dave really took the time to make sure the board would work for me. My best session on the board was at Kaisers on a good swell.

What size fins and set up are you using? Have you tried other fins on the board?

I tried a couple different fin setups, but my favorite is the new FCS II HS fin designed by Hayden Cox.


By the time you read this we will have the Libtech Puddle Fish in stock. It has the same outline and rocker as the… LOST Puddle Fish!

If you are looking for speed in slow waves, the Puddle Fish is the answer. Drawing on the Puddle Jumper, but adding the faster elements of a fish design, the Puddle Fish is designed with a flat, inverted swallow tail and a release channel exiting out the tail. These elements, combined with a reduced concave in the hull, a wide point under the front foot, and straighter hips in the rails, makes the Puddle Fish a speed demon built for down-the-line acceleration. The unique tail shape combines with a refined rocker and a spiral V under the rear foot to preserve sensitivity and turn ability while supercharging the board’s speed.

If you’ve been to Japan, you have probably seen the multitude of bikes used by the locals. The parking situation in some cities is out of hand. Most of the bikes are just parked with a simple lock. For the most part, the bikes are not as secure as you would see here in Honolulu. That is why, when people are visiting our shop with rented bikes, we have to teach them how to secure a bike, or even have them leave the bikes in the store.
Bike riding in Japan is common, even to the train station or grocery store. The people there have many innovative ways to park bikes. Most grocery stores have either double stacking (which looks complicated but is actually super easy to use) or in more densely populated places, metered parking. That is why, when people are visiting our shop with rented bikes, we have to teach them how to secure a bike, or even have them leave the bikes in the store.
One of the coolest things I’ve seen was an underground parking structure that was entirely computerized. It would be cool to see this type of underground parking in Honolulu!
One of the most fun and interesting things about Japan is how different the culture is from ours. Most of us are accustomed to celebrating Valentine’s Day, but few of us here in Hawaii has ever heard of White Day. While Valentine’s Day here in the U.S. is a chance for lovers to treat each other, in Japan, it is typically marked by women giving chocolates to the men that they care about, both romantically and platonically. White Day, on the other hand, is when men return the favor and give treats to the women who treated them on Valentine’s Day. The holiday falls exactly one month after Valentine’s Day and depending whom you ask, it is named for the white marshmallows or white sugar that make up the gifts typically given on the day. But receiving a marshmallow isn’t necessarily a good thing! The types of treats men give the women in their lives can actually have important meanings. Marshmallows mean “I’m not interested,” cookies mean “You are my good friend,” and candy means “I love you too.” The differences between our cultures are what make life so amazing and colorful, even if that color is white! This Valentine’s season, let’s take some time to appreciate the differences between us and the parts of our culture that make us who we are!
Alice has been with us for a short period of time. She takes care of our website and Instagram. She has also been collaborating with Matt Rott, a big wave surfer on articles, which by the way he reviews most of the surf related articles to make sure I’m not blowing any smoke... haha! As I was writing this month’s newsletter, I asked her if she knew of any tricks or cool things I could share with you. Right away she said, “YES!” By the way, Alice is super smart, she can read, write and speak in 3 languages, amazing! She said ever since her elementary school teacher told her how to get rid of hiccups she’s been using this method and it helps her each time. She was taught to concentrate on an eggplant in a very detailed manner. The texture, color and every detail, to really concentrate hard like you’re looking at it with a magnifying glass. She was laughing as she was telling me, “it helps me, but for some reason my friends all laugh at me when I tell them!” So, if you or someone you know gets the hiccups, try it out, I hope it helps. I haven’t had the hiccups in years, knock on wood, but I’m sure I’ll remember this very unique method!
THE LAWS OF DR. SPENCER CHANG Spencer Chang, MD | Sports Medicine Fellowship Trained Orthopaedic Surgeon at Straub Clinic | WSL Orthopaedic Consultant

I am certain that I have not invented these “Laws”, but anyway here’s my take on things.

  1. If you don’t use it, you’ll lose it.
    1. Might as well surf, and surf regularly.
  2. If you don’t use it, you can’t expect to get it back right away.
  3. If you keep using it, and you don’t stretch, it’ll get tighter.
    1. Tightness is a cumulative process. If you don’t stretch frequently, it’ll get tighter and tighter. This is not a factor of age. However, the longer one neglects stretching the worse it’ll get. Consequently, older athletes are commonly tighter.
    2. There are many reasons why Kelly Slater has been able to surf at such a high level for so long. His maintenance of flexibility has been one of the most important reasons why he has done so well for so long.
  4. Predominant positioning in one direction, will cause tightness in that position, without stretching.
    1. For example, if you sit most of the day, there will be more flexion at your hip. The hip flexors (iliopsoas, rectus femoris muscles) will get tight. This will result in a more flexed position at the waist line, hips, and pelvis, which cause more strain to the lumbar (low back) stabilizing muscles. Consequently, this can result in low back pain.
    2. If you wear high heels all of the time, the calf muscles (particularly the gastrocnemius which crosses the knee joint) will get tight. A tight calf can lead to Achilles tendinitis, plantar fasciitis, and foot pain.
  5. Predominant movement/exercise in one direction, will result in tight- ness in that direction, without stretching.
    1. Surfers who surf a ton, who don’t mobilize their body in the opposite direction, will find themselves walking hunched over… doing the caveman walk. The majority of body movement in surfing is in the flexed position.
    2. Because surfing involves predominantly flexed motions, cross training involving more extension motions is important.
  6. Stretching dynamically before exercise, and statically after exercise is more efficient.
    1. Muscles don’t stretch well when they are cold. Therefore, dynamic stretching with movement will help to warm up the muscles before physical activity. Static stretching will be more beneficial after exercise when the muscles are warm and loose.
  7. If it gets too tight, it’ll hurt, so don’t let it get too tight.
  8. Lack of mobility at one joint or more, will affect the other joints in the kinetic chain.

For an appointment call the Straub Bone and Joint Center at 522-4232. Just say Dave from Hawaiian South Shore sent you! Also, if you have any questions shoot me an e-mail at

WHAT'S NEW AND POPULAR? CJ NELSON'S MASTERPIECE, THE GUERRERO If there’s a board that defines CJ Nelson at the moment, it is surely the Guerrero. Last year, the world’s best loggers descended on Saladita in Guerrero, Mexico for back-to-back events, the Duct Tape Invitational, and the Mexi Log Fest, and CJ won them both, on the same day; an amazing and unprecedented accomplishment.

The board he rode that day ended up being named for the state of Guerrero and is arguably one of the best longboards available today. CJ collaborated with Dead Kooks owner/shaper, Eden Saul to build a board for the Mexico contests that allows him to “turn like Nat and tip ride like Nuuhiwa.” The board has a Nuuhiwa concave, a wide point that is pulled back, 60/40 rails, hard rails for performance and a flat tail with kick for noseriding, or as CJ says, everything that he knows works for him, rolled into one board.

If it works for CJ, that means it’s probably about as good as a log gets! The board is available as a 9’6” and a 9’11”, in Thunderbolt Technology construction with XEON Fiberglass lamination for what CJ says is the most cutting-edge construction when it comes to weight, flex, and durability for longboards. Eden is also available to hand-shape custom poly boards on a special-order basis.

If you are looking to take your logging to the next level, you might as well take a page from the book of a master who is just now hitting his prime. Here at Hawaiian South Shore, we are stoked to be the exclusive dealer of CJ Nelson. Come down and grab a Guerrero to take your surfing to a new level and shred!


We really appreciate the comments from Facebook and Instagram. Keep them coming! We want to know! Just like these from Facebook:





Pake Texeira: Super awesome fins!!! I have them on my 9’2 Takayama

David Kelly: Right on! What size you using for center and sides? Pake Texeira: @David Kelly center 7 1/2 sides 4 1/2 any wave height over 5ft slide your center to da middle of da box anything bigger than that slide it to da end of your box that what works for me I’m 165 pounds.... in joy da ride!

For over 15 years, the Takayama Halo fins have been our #1 selling fins for SUP and Longboards. They give you more drive and better turning radius.

Once you get a set, you’ll be hooked! - David, Hawaiian South Shore
REVIEWS FROM STOKED PEOPLE! Please keep them coming, we really appreciate them, and it actually motivates us to do better! Elyn Y. I LOVE my Straw Hat jacket. It is functional and fashionable. The jacket keeps me warm, while still giving me the freedom to paddle.   Diego These guys are incredibly great. I purchased a Stewart Redline 11 last month and Brett and the crew treated me so well. They set me up with everything I needed and sent me on my way to catch some great waves. Well as I went to paddle out I noticed that I couldn’t get my rail fins in their boxes. So, I paddle out anyway and had an epic session. I called the guys at HSS and told them about my problem. They told me to bring my board in and all would be taken care of. When I got back from the mainland (3 weeks later) I brought my board in. They swapped it out for a brand new one without me ever asking. These guys were that great. They waxed it up and placed all the fins in and gave me a hardy handshake and free tee shirt. Man did they turn my angst into happiness. Thank you guys. Incredible customer service. I recommend them to everyone. Buy your gear here, they will take care of you.Mahalo HSS and Brett. Tammy Love this shop! Super friendly. Not just clothing and flip flops. True surf shop! Brett helped us today and was super helpful and friendly! One of our very favorite surf shops here on Oahu! We come twice a year from Cali. We stay six weeks and ALWAYS make a stop at our favorite surf shop! Check it out!
Hawaiian lawmakers are considering a ban on some popular sunscreens to try to protect coral reefs. Researchers found that oxybenzone, a UV filtering ingredient commonly found in lotions, harms the coral. Up to 14,000 tons of sunscreen wind up in coral reef areas of the ocean every year, and scientists say that contributes to the ecosystem’s damage. (Source: We carry the Real Sun Cover that’s baby safe, reef safe and non-nano. It’s SPF32, which is 97% UVA and UVB protection. Did you know that SPF32 and SPF50 only have a 1% difference in UV rating? No wonder the all-natural Real Sun Cover is the way to go. We have a 15-day money back guarantee. So, you can’t go wrong. Oh yes, the Real Sun Cover does NOT have oxybenzone, which was the whole point of this article. Haha! Oh, and one more thing… you’re lucky you read through this because you get 15% OFF ANY REAL SUN COVER PRODUCTS FOR THIS MONTH! Promo Code: 264347 See it pays to read the newsletter! 
@pennysmalasadas: Thanks for your insight and help! Chillest staff ever with a ton of knowledge and smiles for days! We will have you guys up for malasadas soon! Oh yeah...and the board?! Sick sick sick!


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Libtech Puddle Jumper 5’5 (2), 5’7, 5’9, 5’11 (2) Round Nose Fish 5’6 Short Round 5’10 Sub Buggy 6’0 Nude Bowl 5’11 Extension Ramp – 6’6 Pick Up Stick – 7’0 Stewart Redline 11 9’0 x 24 ½ x 3 ½ 9’0 x 22 x 2 ¾ 9’0 x 23 x 3 ¼ Stewart Funline 11 8’0 x 23 x 3 ½ CJ Nelson Sprout 9’6 Harley Ingleby Cruiser 9’5 Harley Ingleby Diamond Drive 9’2 Corey Colapintail 8’3