…Lost Smooth Operator Surfboards


As you all well know, I am a surfboard junkie and love checking out all of the latest designs, constructions, and concepts. There’s something so exciting about checking out a new, futuristic shape and wondering how it will ride, then getting it out into the water and catching that first wave.

But as much as I love futuristic shapes, there’s something beautiful about a classic template with clean lines and simple curves. The …Lost Smooth Operator is just such a board, combining the classic template of a mid-length double-ender with modern contours and fin setups. Ranging from 6'6" to 8'0" in length, the Smooth Operator has ample volume, extremely low entry rocker and rails, and the same width on both the nose and tail, making it a bona fide trimming machine. But like many other mid-lengths that are just glorified funboards, the Smooth Operator is also built to shred. The rounded pin tail and modern bottom contours make it more than capable of top-to-bottom surfing, while the 4+1 fin boxes give you the option of riding as a single fin, 2+1, or quad. Meanwhile, the clean rail lines of the template give you control even when the waves get well overhead.

In short, this is a classic all-rounder that can turn, charge, and trim—perfect for anything from knee-high offseason ripples in Town to the biggest south swells of the season. No matter what you ride it in, you are certain to fall in love with surfing all over again as you rediscover the pure joy of trimming down the line.

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