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Lost Surfboards’ RNF Retro Revamp Double Dart

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Lost RNF Retro Revamp: A Versatile Surfboard for Diverse Wave Conditions

The Lost RNF Retro Revamp, also known as the "Revamp'23," is a versatile surfboard designed for a variety of wave conditions, making it well-suited for the diverse surfing opportunities found in Hawaii. This modern take on a classic, almost 1970s-inspired fish, features generous dimensions, low rocker, flat deck, steep rails, and a wide tail, offering lots of driving speed down the line, especially in small and soft surf conditions. The board is suitable for riding in small country waves on the North Shore and just about anything in town on the South Shore of Hawaii, making it a great choice for local surfers looking to elevate their experience on the waves.


RNF Retro Revamp Surfboard


Double Dart Construction: A Unique Surfing Experience

Double Dart Construction Logo

The RNF Retro Revamp is offered in the Double Dart construction, a trademarked surfboard manufacturing technology developed by Florida-based epoxy composite expert Drew Baggett. This construction incorporates a carbon fiber shell on both the top and bottom of the board, providing strength and torsional flex, allowing the board to bend and twist more freely without becoming too rigid or stiff. The Double Dart construction is a significant advancement, offering a unique surfing experience and enhancing the board's overall performance.

Note the boards float about 1 liter more than a regular poly board. 

A Blast from the Past

First launched in 2018, the RNF Retro surfboard pays homage to the low-rocker, high-performance longboards that dominated the surf scene during the sport’s golden era.

With its generous dimensions, low rocker, flat deck, steep rails and wide tail, this board delivers easy wave-catching abilities and smooth cruising speed that transfers effortlessly through big carving turns.

But what truly sets the RNF Retro apart in a sea of relentlessly similar boards is Lost’s incorporation of reverse radius side-cut outline into the design. This gives the flat, parallel rails dramatically more grip and tighter turn capability—allowing this flat rocker board to carve vertically rather than slide out.

In fact, the board utilizes not one but two separate side-cut radius lines:

  • A primary mid-board side-cut starting just behind the wide point and flowing all the way to the fins
  • A shorter, tighter rear side-cut contour right under the back foot

Surfer with the Lost RNF Retro Revamp Surfboard


This hybrid outline combines front foot-driven hold from the drawn out intermediate side-cut together with added bite and pivotal action induced by the deep rear side-cut section. According to Lost, it’s this unique outline that has been key to the RNF Retro's enduring popularity over the past 5 years.

Interested in the RNF Retro Revamp in the Double Dart construction? 

Check out the Retro Revamp Double Dart Surfboard here
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